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Note: If any of you out there had your comparative religions class (remember those), you will have flashbacks after reading the below.

“Catholics and Evangelicals”

That The Bones You Have Crushed May Thrill blog has the story (link here).

TTBYHCMT Blog:(Reproduced with emphasis and comment)

Evangelicals have many strengths, among which in many communities is an obstinate refusal to revise the Word of God as they inherit it. They may not believe what Catholics believe about the Bible, but they do retain an insistence that their interpretation of the Word of God, does not simply change with the passage of time.

This is not starting out to good for the bishop of Rome.

Their beliefs cannot happily co-exist in a united Church without one group of Christians changing their entire belief system. In seeking union, the One True Church would require Evangelicals to accept Catholic doctrine regarding Sacraments (as well as other issues and dogmas), or instead the Evangelicals would require the One True Church to abandon Her Sacraments (and Her dogma).

Logic a 7 year old could understand. :)  Unless… that is…. we have a “magician” at our disposal! But I digress….

In order for ‘full communion’ to exist between the Catholic Church and Evangelicals, Evangelicals would need to accept the entire Doctrine of the Catholic Church and profess belief in it. Alternatively, the Catholic Church can jettison nearly 2,000 years of tradition and dogma and Her entire Faith and just become a Protestant Evangelical Alliance, but any Pope who sought to do that would be, well…words wouldn’t do that Pope justice. That would be the Protestant Reformation exploding the Church from within and from the top. Pope Francis may truly believe that an insistence on dogma is ‘in the way’ of much that he would like to see happen in terms of the Catholic Church’s response to a great deal, but if any Pope denies articles of Faith, Catholic Doctrine, that individual would traditionally be regarded as some kind of anti-pope figure, who should be resisted by the Faithful and ignored by everyone else.

Oh my! That sticky wicket “capitulation” rears its ugly head. Now we know Francis is against “capitulation.” ;)

And now for the punch line:

That said, as Gloria TV highlighted yesterday, even Baptists are asking some pretty eye-brow raising questions of Pope Francis…

No. Not Gloria TV! Say it ain’t so, Jorge? :)

Summa Summarum from TT:
The efficacy of the Christian announcement would certainly be greater if Christians would overcome their divisions and could celebrate together the Sacraments and together spread the Word of God and witness to charity” [Francis quote] [B/t/w Spot the DeM? ]. Either Pope Francis is calling upon Evangelicals and other Christians to accept the fullness of Catholic Truth and come into full communion with the Successor of St Peter or he is calling upon the Church to abandon Her Sacraments. Out of the two options, should any union occur, I know which one I suspect to be the case. I don’t know how many Evangelicals are into a poor church for the poor, but then neither is the German Catholic Church terribly keen on that aim. If the Catholic Church incorporated the Evangelical communities, that would, ironically, create a rich church for the rich. A poor church for the poor in the West is a Church faithful to Jesus Christ in times of unpopularity for that fidelity. Of course, the great sell-off of the Catholic religion would reap a healthy revenue indeed, but only at the price of total apostasy.

Yep! Call it a Mexican standoff or a binary situation, but one thing is for certain: it can’t be both.

B/t/w, this is one of the best analysis of the “ecumaniacal” folly of Francis that I have read to date.

And nicely tied in to the “economics of religion” theme.

Because, if you want to understand what Begoglio is up to, you have to “follow the money”.

And it’s plain for all to see. :)