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Rorate Caeli broke the story (link here).

“Free at last: Burke put in an honorific job at 66”

New Catholic writes: (Reproduced below with my emphases):

It had been known for months, but today it has been confirmed: Pope Francis, in a move that has no precedent in modern times for a man who is still a very young Cardinal, removed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke from his position as Prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, or from any pastoral, governance, or judicial position, and named him to the almost purely honorific position of “Cardinal Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (usually given to retired cardinals or historically as an honorific position that is held by cardinals exercising actual pastoral or governing functions elsewhere).

Hell hath no fury, like the Holy Spirit scorned! ;)

PS. I broke down and opened a twitter account. @S.Armaticus if anyone cares.