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Something has just been brought to my attention.

Three links to Breitbart’s Francis/Burke posts on Drudge Report today.

Question posed: Is Francis trying to “high jack” bishop Schneider’s message?

–  4/5 November: Bishop Schneider interview appears in Polonia Christiana. Labels modernists as “Neo-Pagans”.

–  7 November: Francis at Friday Mass homily uses “Pagan Christian” label for Christians who ” “worldly Christians, Christians in name only, with two or three Christian features, but nothing more.”

On an aside, this coming from the non-judgmental guy who says that if people are trying to be good, who is he to judge.

Bigger picture:
Looks like bishop Schneider’s “shot heard around the world” hit its target. :) Team “Peoples Liberation Front of Judea” felt that they needed to respond. ;)

If the above happens to be the case, looks like the Vatican press people have mounted a “Clintonian War Room”. The Burke camp’s message is getting out into the MSM. And the large news aggregators like Drudge are picking it up. So Team Francis now has to respond.

Therefore, if this is what I think it is, look for any criticism coming from the Burke camp to be immediately responded to by “Team Francis”.

Folks, it looks like we’ve found ourselves in the middle of the first Papal election campaign. :)