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As you can see, it’s been a busy news cycle.

Switzerland: The Capuchins have left the convent of Lugano

Dici has the story here:


The convent of the Order of Capuchins built between 1646 and 1653 on the heights of Lugano has not sheltered any religious since November 1st. The six remaining Capuchins who had been living there left definitively to join communities in Locarno and Bellinzone. In an interview published by news agency Apic on October 23rd, the Father Superior Ugo Orelli admitted that “as elsewhere in Europe, our order is increasingly struggling to recruit new members.” The Capuchin said he did not know to whom “the convent would be rented.” Although “no decision has been made,” it is expected to be a religious congregation.

Oh my!

By the way, isn’t Fr. Volpi of FFI Administrator fame a Capuchin? Why, yes he is.

Another Order whose “mission is coming to an end, but does not want to sell their real estate”. ;)

Maybe they are waiting for better times…. as in “post-Bergoglio better times” :) :) :) :)

It’s actually a good strategy. ;)