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And on a humorous note this:

“Nuns’ Bus a Trojan Horse”

The Acton Institute has the story (link here).

Walker writes:
More groups are beginning to notice the hypocrisy of nuns advocating for progressive causes, including and especially their stumping for campaign finance disclosure.

Of course, driving a luxury bus over 5,000 miles to convince unenthusiastic voters to participate in a midterm election can get expensive. David Gibson, who helped Sr. Campbell pen her memoir, wrote in September that the nuns had raised most of the $400,000 they needed for the tour “mainly from Network members and from foundations that promote voter registration and health care reform.” Because of the nuns’ concern for big money’s influence on politics and their advocacy for Democrat-leaning causes, one might expect a journalist to dig a little deeper into the sources of the nuns’ funding. Indeed, Gibson’s account is made conspicuous by the absence of further detail.

Oh well. At least “the narrative” did not get soiled ;)

But in all honesty folks, the NOB’s fit right in with the Kirchensteuered up church of Francis like two peas in a pod. :)