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Collapse of Diocesan Clergy in France — Glimmers of Hope

Reproduced [emphasis added] in full from Eponymous Flower blog (link here):

(Paris) Numbers are neither traditionalist nor modernist but facts are being noticed. In France, there are only 14,000 diocesan priests. About half of them are older than 75. This means that the situation is dramatic.

To conduct but one parish is already a big job. In France it has become “normal” that a pastor has to take care of a dozen parishes. A regular celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is impossible. In most parishes it is celebrated only occasionally. In the diocese of Langres, each priest must take care for an average of 50 parishes. In short, it is almost resigned to a spiritual catastrophe. The numbers of priestly ordinations is also discouraging. In 2009, only 89 diocesan priests were ordained in France. Far too little to compensate for the decrease due to death. These numbers seem like reports coming from the front with the losses to an army. You could cry.

Fortunately, there is good and encouraging news coming from the seminaries of tradition. The traditional communities and dioceses have offspring. More, their seminaries are full. It is therefore to be hoped that more old rite seminaries will be opened. There is no danger that they remain empty, since there is a strong interest in tradition by young believers.

Get that,” The traditional communities and dioceses have offspring. More over, their seminaries are full.”

It’s ironical that the most “radically lunatic” of the European church’s is going to be the first one to be forced to man up and face the music. ;)

Catolicismo o muerte :) :) :) :)