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“No capitulation but what unity? Pozzo interview”

Dici: (Link here)
“In this interview, Archbishop Pozzo did not say whether he was speaking in his own name—except when he specified “at least in my opinion”—or in the name of his superiors. Nor do we know whether we should consider these openings towards the Society of St. Pius X as similar to those Pope Francis has recently made towards the charismatics. In a speech delivered to the members of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Communities and Associations of the Alliance, on October 31, 2014, the pope strongly insisted upon the notion “of unity in diversity”. “Unity is not uniformity, it does mean necessarily doing everything together, or thinking the same way, or losing one’s identity,” he explained. “Unity is in diversity, it is exactly the opposite, it is recognizing and accepting with joy the differences that the Holy Spirit grants to each person and placing them at the service of everyone in the Church.” And he asked his audience “not to forget that the Charismatic Renewal is by its very nature ecumenical.” In such a broadly “ecumenical” context, the doctrinal questions mentioned by Archbishop Pozzo are certainly of a very relative importance.”

Ouch! ;) ;) ;) ;)

I felt the pain where I’m sitting. ;)

But seriously folks, wonder if the Francis “brain trust” thinks through these things, or just makes them up as they go along?

It’s a rhetorical questions. 😉

B/t/w how does the suppression of the FFI fit into this Bergoglian “diversity” pinata?