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Monday brings good news.

New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) provides more insight into the Eponymous Flower post pertaining to the dying N.O. church in France (that DeM has wrote about here) and the success that the Catholic restoration forces are having not only in French church circles, but also at the wider social level.

New Catholic, in his post focuses on church “geopolitics” of the “Rhineland Alliance” (Germany, Benelux and France) which subverted the II Vatican Council transforming the Catholic Church into the present “church of man”. This transformation is bearing unintended consequences for the Western European churchs, the most notable of which is the “near” total destruction of the church in France.

In the blog post, New Catholic writes:

The comparison between Catholicism in France and Germany is one we have been considering for some time. The three lands that “made” the Second Vatican Council (the Rhine lands) were Germany, France, and the Low Countries. So one would have expected the same logic to have prevailed in the past Synod. But that is not what happened.

Did you notice there were practically no French voices heard in favor of the Pope’s propositions in the Synod? Not openly, anyway. Think about it: that is quite unexpected, considering that both the very election of John XXIII and the Council as it developed were Franco-German events. When Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris (not a conservative) spoke during the Synod, it was to defend the Wojtylian positions.

Yes. The Wojtylians are the key, as this writer has so often stressed. It is the JP II generation that populates most of the church structures in the global church. These folks are not revolutionaries. They are social conservatives, and presently are mad as hell about the total disregard of JP II’s Familiaris Consortio at the Secret Synod of 2014. And from the RC post, looks like they are gaining “converts”. I quote:

When Cardinal Vingt-Trois of Paris (not a conservative) spoke during the Synod, it was to defend the Wojtylian positions.

Which brings us to the “forces of Francis”. The radical modernists are in a race against time. The recent change in the procedure to “fire” bishops  is a great case in point. The longer they wait, the more dire their position becomes. And New Catholic concludes his post by naming the culprits when he writes:

The German situation is absolutely distorted by the Church tax paid by all nominal or “cultural” Catholics, regardless of their actual Catholic life; in France, since the clergy depends on actually church-going Catholics, not merely nominal Catholics, it is a highly complex matter for the episcopate to position themselves against the people who truly support them. The evolution of the situation in Germany’s neighbors to West and East, France and Poland (where there is State funding for many Church activities, but where 80% of Church expenses are nonetheless covered by voluntary donations), does not appear to look good for the German Hierarchy’s radical intentions in the long run. That also explains why the Kasper-Marx Radical coalition is in a race against time in their use of the current pontificate to reach their anti-Catholic ends. In a couple of decades, it won’t be this easy.

Yes indeed. I would even venture to say that in a few years time it won’t be easy. Especially if the economic situation in the church of France forces the bishops of the “Churches oldest daughter” to man up and and gets a pair.