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If anyone should know protocol, it should be the Vatican.

Wonder what’s the first thought that pops into their minds when they see the above picture. The meme is out there. (Link via Fr. Z  here)

And the real question, wonder how long will it take the bishop of Rome to be  relegated to the Wives Club?

 07:00 a.m. 12 November 2014

More on the Obamification of the papacy from the American Conservative. Rod Dreher quoting Damian Thompson from the British Spectator posts this:

All of which suggests a far closer analogy than with Henry VIII. There is another world leader, elected amid huge excitement, who has surprised and disappointed the faithful by appearing disengaged and even helpless in moments of crisis. This is an awful thing to say, but we could be watching Jorge Bergoglio turn into Barack Obama.

Spot on! That is exactly what we are watching. Only in the case of Bergoglio, his downfall is the far more greater when taking into account that we are dealing with an absolute sovereign.

One further passage caught my interest, namely this:

The Catholic writer James Kalb has a short but astute assessment of the two big progressive players in this drama: Pope Francis and Cardinal Walter Kasper. Kalb nails why the outcome of the turmoil in the Catholic Church matters a great deal to all of us social and religious conservatives in the West:

All of which seems to leave the Church in the position she’s been for the past 50 years from the standpoint of a social traditionalist, only more so: largely useless at the practical sociological level, but nonetheless ultimately and in principle the only fixed point from which the inhumanity of the modern world can be opposed and overcome. That view depends, of course, on the view that reality and truth, and thus doctrine, are what matter in the long run.

And this is the tragedy of the demagoguery on exhibit with both Obama and Bergoglio, a demagoguery that destroys the very foundations of society. Once that foundation is removed, all that remain are the legacy structures, which ultimately implode due to an eventual eroding of those elements, such as ‘truth’ and ‘objective reality’ that provide for the structure cohesion.