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Eponymous Flower: “Pontifical Council For Culture Supports Women Priests? The “Erotic Buddhist”, Whom Francis Appointed as Consultor”


EF writes (link here): [Reproduced with emphasis and comment]

(Rome) The Pontifical Council for Culture  is preparing an “opening”  towards women priests?  Pablo d’Ors, appointed papal Consultor  of the Council for Culture since July, 1st, is convinced of a realignment. “While orthodox Church representatives are being kicked out from the Vatican,   heretics are being brought in,” said Messa in Latino about the Spanish priest, novelist and “Zen Buddhist” and his interview in the daily newspaper La Repubblica .

In an interview with La Repubblica on 5 November, he said that for “the next General Assembly” of the Pontifical Council for Culture is for common ground, which will be convened in 2015 on the topic of “female culture”, an “opening” in the direction of women priests.  He will attend and is “absolutely sure”.  Pablo d’Ors added: “And I am not alone.” Last July 1, Pope Francis appointed   Pablo d’Ors as Consultor of the Pontifical Council for Culture .

Father Pablo d’Ors describes himself as “erotic, mystical and weird”. His life had been “full of loving relationships, reading and travel, also reckless”. This helped him in his appeal that he discovered at the age of 27. “Knowing  human love, divine love [spot the DeM?} helps to better understand” said the Claretian.

I will leave off here. Please read the rest.

The holy Bhagwan(s?) like Pablo d’Ors, most likely have the following “predispositions” in common: Pablo d’Ors also advocates a “new form” of asceticism. It was outdated to build life on a solid rock,  because  on the quicksand  you can admirably  live an “authentic spiritual vitality”. Rain, raging rivers, winds and storms are not a problem because one must  allow  himself to be “swept away by life”. [Sure you can, just as long as the Faithful are throwing their Pesetas (Euro’s now) into the collection plate, funding your “wind sweeping life”.]

From where I sit, it is becoming quite obvious that the bishop of Rome Francis is taking the church much further afield than any rational person would have dared to imagine. I wonder if after His Humbleness is done, the church of Francis will be indistinguishable from, and meet the same fate as this?

Yes folks, 2015 Anno Domini, with the Shameful Secret Synod II and the above, is shaping up to be an interesting year.

Let’s pray for another miracle like the one that transpired on “JPII/Familiaris Consortio  Thursday”. 😉

B/t/w the “erotic, mystical and weird” gentleman pictured above is the Bhagwan Rashneesh, not to be confused with the bishop of Rome or Mr Pablo d’Ors, who alleged is a priest in “a” catholic church.