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Francis Protege Heavily Defeated In Italian Bishops’ Conference Elections for Vice President.

Eponymous Flower blog has the Marco Tosatti story here.

Tosatti writes:

The Italian Episcopal Conference has elected the new Vice President for Central Italy yesterday. ‘Monsignor Mario Meini, Bishop of Fiesole, who was preferred by 140 votes against 60 Bruno Forte, Archbishop of Chieti-Vasto and Special Secretary of the Synod on the Family.

Looks like a revolt in the Italian Bishops’ Conference!

With 140 nays to 60 yeas, it was not even close. At this is one of Francis’s top dogs!  🙂

Good indication of the reality of the situation on the ground in Rome, when Francis can’t get one of his top lieutenants elected in a bishop’s conference that he controls. 🙂

If it was not for the fact that Francis is an absolute sovereign, he would be a seriously wounded “lame duck”. But since he is a monarch, he still is dangerous.

UPDATE 07:20 a.m. 12 November 2014

To further demonstrate the total and utter destruction that was meted out to Bruno ‘Slippery as and eel’ Forte’s candidacy, to the candidate himself and by direct extension to the bishop of Rome, a reminder of who “controls” the Italian Bishops’ Conference from the Rorate Caeli archives here:

Bishop Galantino, the new Secretary General of the CEI [Italian Bishops’ Conference] “made up” by Bergoglio in order to oversee and punish [Conference President] Cardinal Bagnasco (“guilty” of not having supported the Argentine prelate in the Conclave) did it again yesterday as he has done in the past.

In the not too distant future, there will come a time when “all the popes lackeys and all the popes men” will not be able to put Jorge Bergoglio’s papacy back together again.