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“Gay marriage a ‘Trojan horse’, says Cardinal Bagnasco” reads the story by Nick Squire over at the Daily Telegraph. (Link here).

According to the DT:

Gay civil unions and same-sex marriages are a “Trojan horse” that fundamentally weaken the institution of the family, a senior Catholic cardinal has warned, a month after the issue was raised by Pope Francis at a ground-breaking summit in the Vatican.

and this…

Children “have a right to a mother and a father”, Cardinal Bagnasco told the bishops.

It is becoming safer to come out.

Cardinal Bagnasco’s remarks were interpreted as an attack on the increasing number of mayors in Italy who have recently made a point of recognizing gay marriages performed overseas.

Not only some mayors, but a certain bishop of a certain large Italian metropolis.

Summa summarum, great to see another cardinal taking a position. What’s important is the cd. Bagnasco is speaking as the “head of the Italian Bishops Conference” is also noteworthy.