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Looks like today is quiz day in the Catholic blogosphere.:-)

The topic du jour is worships spaces!

I know what you are thinking. They are not churches. They do not resemble anything that is close to being a church. Besides, calling them “churches” is so….. pre-VII’ish.

But back to the quiz.

Let’s take the “worship space” quiz to an entirely new level, shall we?

My quiz question is the following:

Which of these two structures is from a real blog?

A) Link here.


B) Link here.


The correct answer can be obtained by clicking on the links next to A) and B).

Have fun with this one. 🙂

And remember dear reader, the “church of Francis” is where reality subsists in parody! 😉

UPDATE: 07:34 a.m.

The above is a trick question. 🙂

Even though answer B) links to the Eye of the Tibor blog, which some people consider a “parody site”, it does not follow that the church describe in the post does not exist. 😉

If proof is what you are after, here it is: