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Is the 1968 generation taking the Church back to 1378?

For most faithful Catholics it is glaringly obvious that Francis is trying to remake the Catholic Church in his own image. But as to the specifics of “in the image of Francis”, many perplexing questions arise. These question arise from the garbled and confusing messages that Francis sends out almost daily. One area that causes great confusion is the area of ecumenism.

And this topic is the subject of a recent Sandro Magister post over at the Chiesa blog (link here).  In the blog post titled “Ecumenism Rewritten by Enzo Bianchi and Alberto Melloni”, Magister provides several key insights into the thinking of the Bergoglio camp.  Among them are the following two: [reproduced here with emphasis and comments]

The leaders of the “school of Bologna” have a very ambitious new project in the works: a history of the movement for Christian unity aimed at a thorough reform of the Catholic Church, starting with the dismantling of the papacy in its current form. They believe they have an ally in Pope Francis

For the “Bolognese” [school of Bologna] as well, in fact, only the councils that preceded the schism between West and East are fully ecumenical, as can be seen in their multi-volume edition of the “Conciliorum oecumenicorum generaliumque decreta,” criticized precisely for this reason by “L’Osservatore Romano” of June 3, 2007 with an unsigned official note attributed to Walter Brandmüller, today a cardinal.

And they are going to attempt to do it under our noses and right out in the open.

Wonder how many cardinal electors are on-board for this “new springtime” that the Bergoglio camp is preparing?

But the real question is how much longer will the cardinal electors allow this madness to continue?

Questions, questions!