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A couple days ago, I posted a piece titled “How to Survive a Calamitous Pope”. The article itself was written by Dr. Francisco Jose Solar Gil and Rorate Caeli provided the translation and commentary. In Dr. Solar Gil’s article, he provides advise in the form of 10 steps to keep in mind when dealing with the present situation. Point #6 entailed a warning against making generalizations. I commented by providing an example. The text is as follows:

6) Do not generalize. [Not ALL Jesuits are bad, ….rumor has it that there is one that’s relatively orthodox.]

Well lo and behold, over at Rorate Caeli today there is a post by New Catholic (link here) about Fr. James V. Schall S.J…. a “relatively orthodox” [confirmed orthodox: see Update] Jesuit! (I hope you, dear reader didn’t think I was referring to Fr. Lombardi) And one with a sense of humor. Now how do we know he has a sense of humor one might ask? Simple, the title of Fr. Schall’s article is “On Heretical Popes “. Please read for yourselves since it is a good piece, and another addition to the body of literature that is being produced in this particular area.

Before I get to the point of this post, I would also like to state that I share Rorate Caeli’s most prescient observation that the reaction from the Modernist’s via their US spokesman was DISPROPORTIONAL  to the subject matter of Fr. Schall’s text. On this point, New Catholic writes as follows:

There are texts whose relevance at times is highlighted more by the violent reactions to them than by their very contents. When a simple, direct, apparently harmless article makes the unofficial American spokesman for Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga, NCReporter’s Michael Sean Winters, freak out, then you know it must be good.

New Catholic goes on to suggest the following explanation of the disproportionate response of the Modernist camp to the good Jesuit’s article. New Catholic writes:

It is not dangerous, nor irresponsible, much less inflammatory, it is harmless and loving and thoughtful, and utterly theoretical, from the extremely tranquil and peaceful “The Catholic Thing“.
 But the spokesman’s explosive reaction must mean it has some gold nuggets in it:

Which brings me to the point that I want to make. There could be another explanation, one having to do with the communication operation that the Modernists have mounted after the “coronation” of Bergoglio. He is a monarch after all. 🙂  I wrote a post titled “Messaging!” that outlined the suspicious chronology of Bishop Schneider’s use of the term “Neo-Pagan” and the use of a similar term, “Pagan Catholic” by the bishop of Rome a couple of days later. Don’t know if it was coincidental or correlated, but in any case I suggested that the Modernist could have set up a Clintonian War Room in which they are monitoring the traffic of the “enemy camp”. I wrote:

Looks like bishop Schneider’s “shot heard around the world” hit its target. :) Team “Peoples Liberation Front of Judea” felt that they needed to respond.

If the above happens to be the case, looks like the Vatican press people have mounted a “Clintonian War Room”. The Burke camp’s message is getting out into the MSM. And the large news aggregators like Drudge are picking it up. So Team Francis now has to respond.

Therefore, if this is what I think it is, look for any criticism coming from the Burke camp to be immediately responded to by “Team Francis”.

Folks, it looks like we’ve found ourselves in the middle of the first Papal election campaign.

Given the above, and since we know that the article by Fr. Schall hit the mark in the enemy camp, and since we suspect that TeamFrancis is monitoring and rebutting any communications that in their opinion “damages their messaging”, they will probably need to respond.

On the one hand, “inconsistent messaging” leads to a muddled narrative. Considering all the post Secret Synod chaos in the Vatican, TeamFrancis can not afford to go off message and loose control over their narrative. Please keep in mind that the MSM narrative is one of the two legs (the other being the Kirchensteuer) on which the Francis papacy rests.

On the other hand, and this is key, TeamFrancis does need to respond just to thwart a competing narrative from gaining traction. Especially a “heretical pope” narrative, given that they are really pushing the envelope on Catholic doctrine to keep the German bishops happy and the Kirchensteuer funding pipeline open. Allowing a “heretical pope” narrative to arise would provide reasons to the cardinal electors to pull the plug on this papacy and could bring down their project. A pope resigning is not unheard of. Therefore, there is a need for a response.

So over the next couple of day, I expect the bishop of Rome to work in a “heretical pope” rebuttal just for TeamFrancis’s “messaging considerations”.

Now we wait.

UPDATE: 07:44 14 November 2014

Fr. James V. Schall S.J in a authentically orthodox priest. In fact, Fr. Schall has the Mundabor Official Seal of Approval.

In fact, Mundabor writes:

James V. Schall is an old darling of this little effort, and possibly one of three Jesuits left (but they might be seven, or eight…) who still believe in the Last Four Things.

Can’t get a better character reference than that, in the humble opinion of this author!