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The stated mission of this blog is to “chronicle the Restoration of all things in Christ”.  And if this blog can “nudge” the Restoration to move a bit faster, all the better.

When taking into account the total, and I mean total destruction of the Sacred Liturgy carried out during the Novus Ordo “reforms” of 1968-1970 by the evil Bugnini and his henchmen (see here), who by the way are still very active in the ulta-progressive circle close to the present bishop of Rome (see here and here ), what we are seeing today in the traditional parts of the Church is truly a Renaissance. And no amount of repression, whether against the Franciscans of the Immaculate, nor against the dioceses of the Ciudad del Este, nor the degradation of the Great Cardinal has been able to deter this “work in progress”of the Holy Spirit (see here).

Given the above, there is no better way to fully appreciate the advance of the Restoration movement, especially in the area of the Sacred Liturgy, then by physically seeing it.  So for your viewing please, I am providing the following links to the New Liturgical Movement website. The following posts at the NLM website are worthy of your efforts:

– 2014 All Saints Day Photopost (link here). Photos from

1) Cathedral-Basilica of St. James in Brooklyn, NY

2) Cathedral of St. John Berchmans, Shreveport, Louisiana

3) Cathedral of Vancouver – Public Veneration of Relics

4) St. Mary, Pine Bluff, WI

5) St. Margaret Mary, Oakland, CA

6) Saint Joachim, Madera, CA

7) Mary Immaculate of Lourdes, Newton, MA

8) Holy Innocents, New York, NY

But that’s not all. The NLM website also has photos of the Vienna – Solemn Mass celebrated in the presence of Raymond Cardinal Burke. (link here)

And that’s still not all. In the link above, there are bonus photos from a long list of parishes with All Saints observances in the Usus Antiquior, i.e. the Immemorial Mass of All Ages.

And dear reader, that is still not all. At the NLM website there is this public service announcement: (link here)

Another historically significant event in the history of the Latin Mass in the San Francisco Bay Area will take place this Saturday evening, November 15, 2014. At 5:30 pm at Five Wounds Portuguese National Church in San José, the pastor, Rev. António A. Silveira, will celebrate his first-ever Extraordinary Form Mass. Fittingly, Fr. Silveira will celebrate the traditional Latin High Mass in the same form in which the first Mass was celebrated a hundred years ago in a temporary chapel at the newly created parish on November 15, 1914. Several parish music groups will join to sing Gregorian chant and selected motets at the Centennial Mass.

And, and. and….that is still not all, dear reader. I have embedded a video of the All Saints Day Missa Cantata Requiem from the home parish of St. John Cantius.

As you can see, the Restoration has come a long way from the old “indult” masses.

And once you look over the above links, please remember that we have one person to thank, a person without whom none of this would be possible. That person being the Archbishop Protector of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the patron of this humble blog: Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Archbishop Lefebvre, ora pro nobis.