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The PianistPlay it again Sam Lorenzo!

Editor note: I created a new category for this post. Since we are at half time of the two part Secret Synod, and we definitely will be tracking the “happenings” leading up to it, and covering it next October, I have put a separate category at it’s disposal.

Now to the business at hand. To use a football metaphor, we are in half time of the Shameful Secret Synod of Sin. Looks like the players are starting to warm up for the second half. This story appeared today on the Zenit News Service via the Pew Sitter website. (see here). Here are the key passages:(with emphasis and [comment])

The Ordinary Council of the Synod of Bishops met from November 18-19th to discuss the recent Extraordinary General Synod in October and to prepare for the 15th Ordinary General Assembly, which is set to take place next year from October 4th-25th.

According to a communique released by the Holy See Press Office, the first day of the meeting was presided by Pope Francis. The Pope, the communique stated, “stressed the importance of the Synod as an expression of episcopal collegiality and to the family.”

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod, also addressed the Council, noting “the freedom, sincerity and spirit of fraternal communion that characterized the Synodal assembly.” [What else is he going to say!]

“Additionally, the final document, the Relatio Synodi reflects faithfully with its nuances, the results of the Synod and is presented as a good summary of the process made during the Assembly,” the communique stated.

Hmmm. Well, that’s one way of looking at it. However someone else might look at it a bit differently. Someone like say Father Z?

A couple of days ago (18th of November – 1st day of the Ordinary Council, presided over by Francis) this post appeared on Fr. Z’s blog titled:

What’s up with the false English translation of the Synod’s Final Report?(see here)

According to Fr. Z’s post, among the problems with the docs are the following:

1) The final and official Relatio is still accessible on the Vatican website only in Italian. That’s what you find by on clicking “Synod of Bishops“, the obvious place to look for a document of the Synod of Bishops, right?

2) The notorious interim report, however, which was roundly denounced by the Synod Fathers (who were not allowed even to see it before it was released) has been on the Synod webpage in five languages since the end of the Synod on 19 October… a month ago.  (Frankly, I think it was written already in July, because it was magically translated swiftly into five languages practically overnight.  It was also bound and ready to distribute within 36 hours.  The super-skilled Vatican translators handled that one, but the all important Final Report… not so much.   But I digress.)

But it gets better! 🙂

3) By the magic of cutting and pasting from the English version which we had to dig out of an obscure page from the archive of the daily Bolletino at the Press Office’s site, an entirely different entity of the Holy See from the Synod of Bishops, whose official document it is, we find (emphases added):

  4) With these words in mind, we have gathered together the results of our reflections and our discussions in the following three parts: listening, looking at the situation of the family today  in all its complexities, both lights and shadows; looking, our gaze is fixed on Christ to re-evaluate, with renewed freshness and enthusiasm, what revelation,  transmitted in the Church’s faith, tells us about the beauty and dignity of the family; and facing the situation, with an eye on the Lord Jesus, to discern how the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family. [You are waiting to see the part about “founded on marriage between a man and a woman” aren’t you!]

The final Italian words, describing the family as, “founded on marriage between man and woman”, seems to have been deliberately suppressed in the English version of an important Church document, an official document issued by a Synod that made headlines round the world for most for the better part of a whole month.

Oh my… Forgot to put the man/woman thing in. But hey, they are all celibate, so what would they know about that stuff? 😉

However, dear reader please do not be discouraged.  I see this as a good sign. Looks like someone is keeping a close eye on our “wheeler-dealer” bishops. 😉 For the details please go over to Fr. Z’s sight.

But back to today’s Zenit story.

Next steps are the release of the Lineamenta outline that will be sent out to the Episcopal Conferences in December. Then the Istrumentum Laboris is expected to be released before the summer next year. By that time, we will be as familiar with the “process” as are our “airport bishops”.

And as you can imagine dear reader, I have saved the best for last. Along with the bishop of Rome and his “pianist”, (see here and here) the following prelates took part in the Council: (I will also assign them their respective places on the Hot/Cold/Lukewarm continuum so as to give us a better idea of who the players are. For the HOT/COLD/LUKEWARM Christian Continuum, please go here):

Cardinals Christoph Schönborn, archbishop of Vienna (Austria); [HOT}

Wilfried F. Napier, archbishop of Durban (South Africa), [COLD]

Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, [COLD – Don’t know, but with a title like that, I’m thinking HOT With a friendly research tip from a Great Friend of this blog, indignusfamulus, DEM tentatively places Cardinal Tuckson in the COLD Christian camp, however, without changing the text to reflect that there are 2 solid Cold Christians.]

George Pell, Prefect of the Secretariat of the Economy, [COLD – The hero of the Shameful Secret Synod I]

Donald W. Wuerl, archbishop of Washington, D.C. [HOT]

Luis A. Tagle, archbishop of Manila (Philippines). [HOT]

Looks like the Catholics are outnumbered, but if you remember dear reader, Francis stacked the deck with 6 HOT Christian members before the “JPII/Familiaris Consortio Miracle Thursday”. So having 2 excellent COLD Christian Cardinals at least give us a window into the “process”. Good case in point is that Fr. Z got the “false translation” head’s up on the day that the the players first seen the docs.

Now we knew it will not be easy, but all in all, a good start. Just got to keep the pressure on.

PS If anyone knows how to categorize President Peter Turkson, please feel free to drop us a line in the comment box.