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Commenting on the post Silencing the Catholic Opposition (see here)], a friend of this blog, IndigusFamulus writes:

[Issues raised in the post are]… All at the heart of the crisis we face today in the Church, regarding the salvation of souls. We turn to Sacred Scripture, to shine the light of truth on all that is false about it.

By identifying the ends of ALL Catholic undertakings as the ‘salvation of souls’, IndignusFamulus explicitly anchors the “salvation of souls” as the objective of the Great Commission.

Just a quick reminder, the Great Commission is revealed to the followers of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew 28:16–20, where on a mountain in Galilee Jesus calls on his followers to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This has been the mission of the Church as given to it by its Founder, and every generation since has understood it as such.

Every generation that is, until Jorge Bergoglio came onto the scene.

Sandro Magister has a post over at the Chiesa blog (see here) that illustrates another aspect of the bizarre behavior of Bergoglio. This bizarre behavior described in Magister’s post is exhibited by Bergoglio in his relations with the Evangelical community. The long and short of the matter is this, the Francis has a large need to be accepted by the Evangelicals, actually he has a weakness for them. jTo be more precise, Francis has a fascination in the manner in which they, shall we say, “exhibit their religiosity”. And I am trying to be quite charitable. To be honest, I am quite certain that Francis’s “theology done on the knees” is nothing more than Evangelical Pentecostalism (see here).

But be that as it may, Magister on the basis of the most recent Pew Research findings showing how the South American church has been losing Pew Sitters to the evangelicals (here) raises the following issue:

And it is therefore understandable that a pastor like Jorge Mario Bergoglio – who as an Argentine has experienced in person the collapse of Catholic membership in his country and on the continent – should wish to act accordingly.

Otherwise there is no explanation, in fact, for the incessant efforts that Pope Francis is undertaking with the world leaders of those “evangelical” and Pentecostal movements that in Latin America are the most fearful competitors of the Catholic Church. Not to fight them, but to make them his friends.

So what to make of this phenomenon?

Magister can’t make seem to answer this question either. Here is what he writes:

It is not clear how Francis might harmonize this vision of his with what is stated by the previous magisterium of the Church in matters of ecumenism. The fact is that he takes it greatly to heart, as emerges from the frequent informal talks that he gives to one or another of the “evangelical” pastors he encounters.

So how does Bergoglio justify his behavior? From a speech Francis gave to the leaders of the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, Francis explained it this way:

We are sinning against the will of Christ, because we are looking only at the differences. But we all have the same baptism, and baptism is more important than the differences. We all believe in the Father, in the Son, and in the Holy Spirit. We all have within the Holy Spirit who prays, “now” for us, the spirit who prays in us.

With respect to the above, I don’t think there is a way to explain what in the wide wide world of sport it means.

And I don’t think the protestants know what in the wide wide world of sports it means either. Deus Ex Machina wrote a post titled “Francis v Logic, Logic Wins Again!” exactly on this topic. Without repeating what was said, we know that the protestants think rationally and what they think about his “theology don’t matter”message. (see here).

But they still come. And the question is why?

Once again: why do those pastors still accept Bergoglio’s invitations to those “frequent from the heart talks” with the evangelical pastors where he tells them stuff that they know is NONSENSE?

Well, here is what Magister writes with respect to the above question:

And the words that he says on these occasions, which never appear in the official Vatican sources, make the rounds when the recipients post them on the web, with evident satisfaction.

Yea, I bet they do.

The reason they come is that they use the authority of the bishop of Rome, and the words uttered by the bishop of Rome to attract more Faithful away from the Catholic Church and into their sects. Francis is the POSTER BOY for any sect that wants to attract followers away from the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

And the pastors of those sect don’t even have to tell their followers: “We told you so”.

One mug shot of Bergoglio tells the whole story.