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Update: 23 November 2014 00:15

Below is a passage from the Radical Catholic blog (see here) which lends perspective to the present situation.

Quare nunc, Domine?

God could have had you live in a former age, when the life of the Church was vibrant, when devotions were fervent and piety was a matter of course, when religious vocations were numerous and magnificent cathedrals were shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. But He didn’t.

Instead, He wanted you here on earth right now, at this critical moment in the life of the Church, as her houses of prayer and sacrifice are being defiled, as her seminaries and convents are crumbling, as wolves are devouring entire folds and the divine order is being rejected in favor of unspeakable perversions.

The gates of hell have opened wide, vomiting forth the armies of the devil to wage war against the Bride of Christ.

In response, God has sent you.

Pray, gentle reader, that you will be capable of receiving the grace needed to do the great work God has planned for you.

So dear reader, maybe we should be thanking the Almighty that we live in such times, times which provide ample opportunities for us sinners to work out our salvation.