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Today I bring you fantastic news from Poland.

An event of seismic proportion occurred on the 29th of November in the city of Torun. For anyone who follows the affairs of the Church in Poland, they will be familiar with the split that has been created in the Catholic Church after the fall of communism. This split was created due to the Polish Church not going through a process of “de-communization”, allowing priests who were “controlled agents” of the communist era intelligence apparatus, to not be held accountable for their prior actions. The ex-communists, who took control of the “private” media after the fall of communism, and who had the case files of these collaborationist priests in their possession, created figures of “moral authority” out of these corrupt clerics. They even created a “illusory mainstream” church which they used to “divide et imperia”.  And just like in the case of the homo-lobby in the Vatican, which is described at the Rorate Caeli blog today (see here), the situation is exactly the same with these corrupt clerics in Poland. I will reproduce the text of New Catholic’s summary of the point of view of the former Swiss Guard commander and just transpose it onto the situation in Poland:

Why is this network dangerous? Not because homosexuals clerics who were communist collaborators are dangerous people themselves or bound to promote “conspiracies”, but because, as Mäder describes, in order to protect themselves, active homosexuals clerics who were communist collaborators and their friends end up trading their loyalties to their superiors and the Institution founded by Christ for personal loyalties and blackmail. That is, since they know it is both wrong and condemned by permanent Catholic doctrine and practice, they create an underground loyalty network, and their loyalties go to their accomplices rather than to the Bride of Christ.

And that sums up the situation in the Polish Catholic Church since the fall of communism in a nutshell.

However, something has changed recently. What has changed is that just like the homosexual can not serve two masters, neither can the typical European politician. And one of the post communist formations here in Poland, the political party Civic Platform, has turned into a raving loony gender promoting political party, funded through the EU, but also by money coming in from that evil NGO/George Soros/UN/Private Foundations axis of evil. (Two “evils” are necessary here.)

Now this in and of itself would not be anything out of the ordinary for what is happening in the wider Euroland. What makes the case in Poland specific, is that this political party (the Civic Platform – PO) used that part of the Church that was comprised of the clerical communist collaborators and their useful idiots, referred to as the “Łagiewniki Church”, to split the Catholic vote. But it gets better. In 2007, before the PO first came to power, they were in a tight race with the other party that represented the authentic Catholic position and those Catholics who were persecuted during communist times. The collaborationist clerical faction was able to talk the newly returned (from Rome) Cardinal Dziwisz, the archbishop of Krakow into backing the PO. The height of the absurdity, on the part of Dziwisz was that he did not protest when the future Prime Minister, after 20+ years of a civil marriage, went and got married in a church literally the week before the election. Dziwisz could have stopped it if he wanted to, but he let the circus go on. Not only did he let the circus go on, he became the main act. Dziwisz took upon himself to get the Catholic Church in Poland to take over the Radio Maryja radio station. (see update section) One can just imagine what the typical C.V. of the typical senior management employee would have looked like. To paraphrase the immortal words of Foghorn Leghorn: “bright, the boy is not”.

Now, one can say that people make mistakes. But the problem with Dziwisz was that he could not own up to his mistake. It took him from 2007 to literally a couple of days ago to finally bring himself to admit that he was wrong.

And it is at this point, that I will let Mr.Jacek Karnowski finish the rest of this story: The original link is here, and I will add emphasis and [comments].


On November 29th in Torun Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz announced the end of a dangerous delusion

The homily of Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, delivered on November 29 during the Mass in Torun at the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Radio Maria.

The fact that Cardinal Dziwisz, who is associated more with the “mainstream” Church preached at the annual commemoration to the audience of Radio Maria, deserves to be commended. Even more so due to the words which he said, which were very important. No further reason would be needed, than to hear the declaration that “there is no Church in Łagiewniki [former collaborationist influenced side]and (another Church) in Torun. There is only one Church of Christ”. For us this is reality, and for the Cardinal likewise I am sure, but the fact, that these words were spoken with such power and in such a place at this moment in time, speaks for itself.

Cardinal Dziwisz also stood in the defense – very clearly – of the good name of the Torun radio station (Radio Maryja). As he indicated, the radio station represents “numbers of people who identify with Radio Maryja, who are given a voice through the radio station, because it expresses their value system, their deep faith and convictions, because they sometimes feel that their voice is not always taken into account by the other segments of society, the media and government circles. “

[Card. Dziwisz] also emphasized that the listeners of Radio Maria “want to be faithful, and are faithful to God, the Church and the Homeland,” which was greeted with applause. He stated:

“We must not allow them to be ignored nor ridiculed. One has to hear their voices, their fears, desires and hopes. Because they also assume responsibility for the fate of the nation and the Church. Thanks to Radio Maryja, they become participants in the public debate on important issues of Polish society, Polish families and the Poland of tomorrow. “

Lastly , turning to the Redemptorist [Father Tadeusz Rydzyk – Founder and Chairman] Cardinal Dziwisz said:

“It is you who are owed the gratitude of the Church and of all people of good will. You have a great deal of good in your hands, keep watch over it. “

We are dealing with an important breakthrough. The “mainstream” bishops represented by the likes of Cardinal Dziwisz have not spoken like this about Radio Maryja. Now, they are speaking, and this is not by accident.

Firstly, the fact is that there is no longer “a Church of Torun and a Church of Łagiewniki “. The latter cannot exist, because those faithful have chosen their careers (futures) in Europe, and over there, the relations with Catholicism (just like with a love of the Fatherland) strongly interfere with their choice. They no longer go on pilgrimages, and do not even pretend to listen to the voice of the clergy.

Second, even if the environment of the Civic Platform (post communist political party) – because this is who we are referring to – would want to cultivate this sort of fiction, the Church would have a problem with it. PO[Civic Platform] has become, by stealth but consistently, a party turned to the left executing the program a of leftists, and decidedly more openly hostile to the Church. It is, after all, this party is pushing the infamous “Convention for the Suppression of Violence” [Gender Legislation], which in reality is hitting the entire ethos of Polish culture and Catholicism.

Thirdly, a few years was time enough for the “Church Lagiewnicki ‘ to show its true face: which is conformism, opportunism, lukewarm, variability. There is nothing in it, on which anything could be built.

And fourth and finally, in the statement of Cardinal Dziwisz, there resonate echoes of an important consternation: in reality Radio Maryja does not scare anyone away from the Church (which was for many years, the most frequently raised concern), which served as a justification for making decisions that were shallow [petty] in nature. And those who do not want to stand with the Church, will always find an excuse.

Radio Maryja is a concrete substance, while the rest are- often, but not always – flights of fancy.

The 29th of November 2014 should therefore find a place in the annals of the Catholic Church, as the day in which Cardinal Dziwisz announced the end of a dangerous delusion.

Honor should go to him, since this act required a lot of wisdom and much courage.

PS. As part of the return to reality of the Church in Poland, there is one more, in my opinion, inevitable act to be performed: removing the adjective “Catholic” from the Tygodnik Powszechny weekly (weekly new magazine). Let them [magazine] continue writing about Father Rydzyk in a “urban-esque “ [refers to Jerzy Urban,a communist provocateur during communist era and an apologist who made a career out of insulting Catholics and the Church-all in the name of free speech] style as per “Rydzyk”, let them further defend the Satanists, let them continue cashing in on the government advertizing, but let’s not pretend that they are on the side of the Church. We will probably have to wait for this development, but, I believe we will see it.

And a final comment.

Like the old expression states: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And Dziwisz fell hard. All that was missing is him making a pilgrimage to Torun from Krakow on his knees, but his cardinal’s dignity would not allow it. And maybe that is for the better.

UPDATE 04:13 Friday 5 12 2014

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