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Scola Muller

Returning to our Synod of Bishops 2015 theme, two new broadside shots were fired at TeamFrancis and the Kasperian “theology done on the knees” over the last couple of days.

The first shot was fired by Cardinal Scola, the Archbishop of Milan. In an interview published in the Corriere della Sera and translated and posted at the Eponymous Flower blog, the following passages were of note (see here): (with emphasis added)

Cardinal Scola was, as has been the case with Cardinal Walter Kasper, appointed by Pope Francis personally to the synod. Under the impact of the first part of the Synod the Archbishop replied with a rejection of the “new mercy.”

And the key sentence:

When asked whether he could imagine that Pope Francis will make a decision for Communion for remarried divorcees, Cardinal Scola said: “I think, rather, that he will not take it.”

If one reads between the lines, what Cardinal Scola is saying to Francis is: Don’t do it.

The reason that this is significant is due to Cardinal Scola being:

The Cardinal had been the favorite in 2013 in the conclave, and had received the most votes in the first ballot, but did not prevail. His appointment as a member of the synod was seen by observers in this context. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan is among one of the largest Diocese in the world with nearly five million Catholics and is considered the most important in Italy after Rome’s diocese.

And the narrative that has been emerging from the Catholic side, the narrative that will be used to counteract the “new mercy for the serial adulterers” is the following:

“How could we tell the young people who marry today that marriage is indissoluble, when they know that nevertheless there is always a way to escape?” Cardinal Scola brought his rejection to that point. In the direction of Cardinal Kasper the successor of Saint Ambrose said, “I can see no adequate justification for an attitude that claims on the one hand, that the indissolubility of marriage would not be discussed, but appear to deny it simultaneously through its acts.”

As you can see, the counter narrative that the Catholics represent is “an even newer and a more just mercy”. And the “newer more just mercy” is directed at the futures pew sitters. Those who will be putting their hard earned money into the collection plates going forward.

And now we move on to Cardinal Muller. The Prefect of the Holy Office Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith gave a interview which also appeared on the Eponymous Flower blog (see here). Cd. Muller fired with much larger caliber argument than that of Card. Scola. He not only tackled the issue of communion for serial adulterers, but took a swipe at the entire Vatican II substructure that supports this modernist version of the LUV Boat, when he said the following:

…any separation of theory and practice of the faith would be the manifestation of a subtle Christological heresy in principle “.

Even though the good Cardinal said it with that very pleasant smile of his, the words that were spoken, especially the “H” word must have been hard on the ears of TeamFrancis. Just a reminder, the “H” word was received very badly by the apologists for TeamFrancis when the “good Jesuit” wrote a rather lighthearted post about it (see here). And reinforces the famous Twelve Words of the Great Cardinal (see here).

Further angst must have been caused by the following sentence:

The Prefect of the Vatican Congregation of Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, reiterating that there should be no gap between teaching and pastoral care in the Catholic Church.

With that statement, the Cardinal shot directly at the hull of the entire SS “spirit of Vatican II”. After all, the entire Second Vatican Council was pastoral, and defined no dogma. And the two popes who respectively opened and closed it publicly proclaimed so. And if we remember our hermeneutic of continuity, the entire New Springtime is supposedly based on “praxis” i.e. a new pastoral practice needed for a new 1960’s man, but the dogma has never changed. So by shining the sunlight on this nasty post councilor lesion afflicting the Church, cd. Muller is telling the radicals to think very very carefully about how far they want to go. Because if they go too far, he will sink their boat.

Summa Summarum

I am amazed by how far Card. Muller appears ready to go with his threat. Questioning the “spirit of Vatican II” does not end well for its’ practitioners. If we recall that a heresy is a belief that is at odds with an established dogma, i.e. allowing for the serial adulterers to receive communion, this  would make this praxis a heresy as per cd. Muller.

Furthermore, if the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith informs the bishops, including the bishop of Rome that if they cross the line, they will proclaiming heresy, this heresy cannot be considered merely one of a material nature, i.e. uttered by a person without the subjective knowledge of its being so, but rather of the formal nature. And this is where the fun can begins.

Next observation is this: when taking the statements of these two senior cardinals together with the news from that other senior cardinal, George Pell, where cd. Pell states that “100’s of millions of Euros” were found in non-disclosed and unknown to the auditors bank accounts, we begin to understand that the game has changed. The game has changed for the very simple reason that whatever leverage that the “axis of evil” of Lehmann/Kasper/Marx had at the Shameful Secret Synod of 2014 with the Kirchensteuer is no more. The Vatican is financially solvent so the Kirchensteuer becomes now a strictly German bishops ‘problem! Yes?

And finally, you just have to wonder how weak Francis is right now, since his Prefect of the CDF and the runner up at the last conclave are both in essence daring Francis to cross the line.

On a PS. I am very impressed with cd. Muller. I think that we might be watching a Catholic conversion in the making. And I am left with one thought: how long until he starts rewriting his theories about the Blessed Virgin?