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This post is reproduced from the Pew Sitter web site and should be read in connection with the below post from the From Rome blog. The subject matter in both these posts deals with a quaint concept known formally as the “rule of law”. When viewed side by side, the hypocrisy of the present bishop of Rome and his entourage is just simply staggering.  These two post quite aptly demonstrate why the blogger Mundabor has termed Francis as THE MOST ASTONISHING HYPOCRITE IN CHURCH HISTORY  or TMAHICH (see here).

Below is the post (see here) with added emphasis and [comment].


Pew Sitter Francis Friends

Vatican Decries: That Forced Redistribution [proceeds from…] Was Meant For Illegal Aliens Not Mafia!

In the wake of the admission that hundreds of millions were suddenly found by the Vatican Bank, and new embezzlement charges filed against ex-leadership, a new Italian Mafia enterprise has been denounced by the Church. The sweet scheme Cardinal Parolin is so angry about doesn’t involve drugs, protection, prostitution, or gambling. None of those dirty businesses apply. Instead the Church is outraged that the underworld is skimming from their anointed gov’t ‘refugee’ programs.

The Telegraph reports:

The political fallout from Rome’s latest mafia scandal broadened as the Vatican expressed concern at the breakdown of law and order in the country. [But in reality it is only the selective enforcement of the rule of law that has the Vatican concerned.]

It emerged last week that mafia gangsters, corrupt politicians and a former one-eyed terrorist had made millions of euros exploiting migrants and gipsies through a criminal web that rigged government contracts and embezzled funds intended for refugees and migrant centres.

The Vatican’s second-in-command, Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said the latest episode had provoked “great concern” and that society was doomed if there was a breakdown in the rule of law. [But somehow I do not think that this argumentation carries over into say… the following observation: the Catholic Church is doomed by the “le affair Team Bergoglio”]

“How can you not be worried? [Quite right!] A society that does not pay attention to lawfulness is a society destined to give the strongest supremacy to trample over the weakest,” said Cardinal Parolin. [Ahem… Franciscans of the Immaculate ring a bell?]

Police arrested 37 people last Tuesday, on charges of extortion, corruption, money laundering and embezzlement.

One wonders what political motivations may underly this latest uproar. [And ideological as well?]

One alleged criminal associate has also been arrested at Fiumicino airport and another 100 politicians and businessmen, including Gianni Alemanno, a former Rome mayor with far-Right leanings, have been placed under investigation. [But how about those others who have been associated with the Modernist wing of the post conciliar church behind “Team Bergoglio”, or those who manipulated the Secret Synod of 2014?]

Over a hundred people were placed under investigation. One was conservative! (Would a ‘far-right’ mayor have promoted the government welfare programs now being tapped by the Mob, or would have have tried to cut them back?) [Could have been an issue of “claw back” here?]

Rome’s current centre-left mayor, Ignazio Marino, who still enjoys the support of the national government announced a shakeup of key council positions after several administrators resigned.

But he is certain to come under more pressure after three city councillors from his own Democratic Party suspended themselves from their duties at the weekend. [Oh my? Wonder if any of the “Team Bergoglio” players have excommunicated themselves yet? This could also imply that the average Roman politician is more honest than the average modernist cardinal.]

Why do the Pope and his pliant bishops promote state benefits to illegal aliens, boat people, and gypsies? It’s not really charity when it comes from the government. It’s just re-distribution or in common parlance, stealing. [Because they are socialists…maybe?]

To paraphrase the police captain in the movie Casablanca: “I am shocked, shocked that the rule of law is being subverted”.