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Francis and Ricca

A friend of this blog, A very dear friend of this blog, Indignus Famulus wrote that my last post titled The Jesuitical Bait-and–Switch inspired them to produce a reciprocating acronym to the one coined and made famous (and hopefully trademarked) by another friend of this blog, the one and only Mundabor. As most readers by now can guess, I am referring to the acronym THE MOST ASTONISHING HYPOCRITE IN CHURCH HISTORY or “TMAHICH”.

The new acronym devised by Indignus Famulus is as follows: OBVIOUSLY FALLACIOUS FRANCIS ARGUMENT-LANGUAGE OR “OFFAL”

I found this so brilliant, that I have given it the honor of a post all on its own. Below is their kind letter which I am reproducing with minor styling alterations.

And one further note, Indignus Famulus’s letter has the honor dishonor of the Deus Ex Machina’s first Msgr Ricca photo embedded onto a post to appear on this humble blog. See what you went and done. 😉

So without further a due, here is the letter:

—This thought-provoking post just inspired us to invent a Mundabor-like acronym -which is yours for the taking, if you like it: OFFAL (usual meaning= refuse, garbage, carrion). In this case, a more specific type of same standing for:


In effect he’s [Francis] proposing that “since there are validly married Catholics who are most likely BAD godparents–why keep laws which try to avoid creating A WHOLE LOT MORE OF THEM and with CERTAINTY?

His basis for undermining the validity of countless already-consummated marriages: the couples didn’t have a proper understanding of the meaning of the words “lifetime commitment”. So the hardships that come from living together, prove too unexpected and difficult, and nullify the original commitment?

In that case:

A. How can ANYONE EVER validly contract a marriage- except a gifted seer, of course?
B. Our Lord and His Church teach that hardships are allowed by God for our sanctification.

People are scared? (Wisdom 1:1) “The beginning of all Wisdom, is fear of the Lord”

Righteous fear is Scripturally differentiated from the foolish dread of the unbeliever, who listens to the voice of God’s enemies, and has ” fear where there is nothing to fear”. Proper understanding of the Divine attributes of Justice and Mercy eliminate wrongful fear, and are part of the catechetical work of the Church. Francis would keep people in fearful ignorance once again, and comfort them with permission to live in a way that leads them to an eternity in Hell.

-Cardinal Burke’s words echo those you quoted in this post:


and he explained:

“The reformers were saying, “Oh, we’re not questioning the indissolubility of Marriage at all, we’re just going to make it easier for people to receive a declaration of nullity of Marriage, so they can receive the Sacraments.” “BUT THAT IS A VERY DECEPTIVE LINE OF ARGUMENT, WHICH I’VE BEEN HEARING MORE AND MORE in this whole debate.” “If that line prevails, CATHOLICS WILL see those who are divorced and remarried (without an annulment) taking Communion, and will ASSUME THAT THE TEACHING ON MARRIAGE HAS CHANGED, OR THEY WILL CONCLUDE THAT THE CHURCH IS HYPOCRITICAL..”

Mundabor saw where the real hypocrisy is, and labeled him TMAHICH.

On your conclusion about Francis being controlled by the homo-lobby, we see two other possibilities:

1. The Diabolic Disorientation predicted by Fatima could be blinding him (how he could not otherwise be straight and not repulsed is beyond us) and/or :

2. What if he’s not controlled by them, but is their leader, with his chosen second in command being Ricca–who had to be recalled from his Uruguayan post because of his scandalous homo lifestyle-, in particular that related to his time in the Montevideo nunciature. Sandro Magister said “Further documentation is available from the Uruguayan authorities, from security forces to fire brigades. Not to mention the numerous bishops, priests, religious, laymen in Uruguay who were direct witnesses of the scandal and are ready to speak.”

a. We’re aware that Magiser thinks the Pope was “kept in the dark” about Ricca. But one look at the guy is enough to set off alarm bells in anyone, and the Pope stayed with him when, according to Magister: he [Ricca] won Bergoglio’s trust — initially as director of the residence on Via della Scrofa at which the archbishop of Buenos Aries stayed during his visits to Rome, and now also as director of the Domus Sanctæ Marthæ in which Francis has chosen to live as pope.”

b. Magister goes on to write: “in Just one week after appointing the “prelate [Ricca],” however, during the same days in which he was meeting with the apostolic nuncios who had come to Rome from all over the world, the pope became aware, from multiple sources, of some episodes from Ricca’s past previously unknown to him and such as to bring serious harm to the pope himself and to his intention of reform.”

c. Sorry, we just can’t buy into the idea that after staying with Ricca on numerous previous visits to Rome, the future Pope didn’t “get” that he is an active homo–especially as your article on the state of the Jesuits pointed out, that such a huge percentage of them are homosexual and active, it simply defies reason to believe Francis can’t “tell”. and “didn’t know”.

d. And once he appointed Ricca and was shortly thereafter informed about the parts he supposedly didn’t know, he did nothing, but takes a broadly grinning, lovingly smiling photo with Ricca stroking his cheek, which Mundabor frequently displays? What can the lobby really hold over Francis’ head, if he is not himself a homo? He’s showed himself willing to make many other enemies elsewhere among conservatives.


The above are all questions that definitely need to be asked.