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Soros Worried about Glenn Beck

Below is another excellent post from the From Rome blog. It follows up perfectly with a post that I re-blogged from the Rorate Caeli blog regarding George Orwell. (see here).

There is also a further, and more important matter that the From Rome post addresses and that is the control over the media that is exerted by a single individual and by coincidence, another individual named George, namely George Soros. For a better understanding of this situation, I have embedded two videos above of the Glenn Beck shows done while Beck was still at Fox. For those not familiar with the series of exposes that Beck did on Soros, I highly recommend a “duckduckgo” (remember, Catholics don’t google!) search. For our purposes, I have embedded one of these shows, and a second video of Beck explaining the reaction of Mr. Soros to this material. One of the reasons why I have mentioned the “Soros connection” is that the organizations that he funds or co-funds are becoming quite active in persecution of religious who proclaim the Gospel. Needless to say, their targeting is exclusively against Christians. And one can readily understand why they do not attack the “religion of peace”. If you dear reader don’t know why, the word “fatwa” should help explain. But I digress…

I would also like to draw your attention to the post on this blog titled “The Jesuitical Bait-and-Switch”. (see here) Please refer to paragraph 51. in the infamous “Relatio post disceptationem” and you will find this quite interesting, yet unrelated to the rest of the paragraph or document for that matter, sentence that reads as follows:

Nor is it acceptable that the pastor’s outlook be pressured or that international bodies make financial aid dependent on the introduction of regulations based on gender ideology.


Yet nowhere is this “pastor’s outlook being pressured” observation/complaint expanded upon. Besides, what Bruno “Slippery as an Eel” Forte, the author of this paragraph, was referring to was not the “pastor’s outlook” but rather the “pastor’s proclamation of the Gospel”. Be that as it may, the explanation of this out-of-place, yet quite telling sentence is in no doubt related to the video above.

Concluding, it would appear that the “ship that has sailed” with respect to the “one world government” mentioned in the meeting between Soros’ emissary and the Fox executive is in the process of acquiring a “one world religion”.

From Rome

Pope Francis thanks and recognizes Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, alleged leader of Team Bergoglio (Catholic Herald, Sept 12, 2014: Online edition - Screen Shot by From Rome blog) Pope Francis thanks and recognizes Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor, alleged leader of Team Bergoglio (Catholic Herald, Sept 12, 2013: Online edition – Screen Shot by From Rome blog)


Rome — Dec. 28, 2014:  Since the news broke about the “Team Bergoglio” Scandal, the From Rome Blog has maintained a Chronology of the News Reports on the scandal for the utility of its readers and of journalists covering the story.  A study of that Chronology demonstrates one of the key aspects of a thought-controlled society, depicted in George Orwell’s novel, 1984:  namely, how the general public has accepted a new norm of truth.

In a normal human society, truth is a statement which correctly regards and justly describes the reality spoken of.  But in 1984, truth is…

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