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Lot and His Daughters Fleeing from Sodom and Gomorrah

Lot and His Daughters Fleeing from Sodom and Gomorrah – Rubens

From today and over the course of the next 265 days, the Deus Ex Machina blog will narrow the focus of its’ mission, i.e. of „Restoring all things in Christ”, to concentrate EXCLUSIVELY on the upcoming “Synod of Bishops on the Family” 2015. Therefore, every post which will be published, and every post that will be re-blogged from another website or blog will have only one aim, and that is to “PROPERLY UNDERSTAND” the true aim and intentions of the upcoming Synod of Bishops of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The Synod of Bishops is scheduled to begin on the 4th of October, 2015, which is 265 days from today.

Furthermore, during these next 265 days, the banner of the website will be dedicated to the theme of Sodom and Gomorrah, since all indications are that the Synod of Bishops’ in 2015 will be a continuation of the “hidden agenda” which was being promoted at the Synod of Bishops’ of 2014. For background information about what this blog contends to be the true agenda of the Synod of Bishops’ and the true reason behind it being called, I am providing links to two posts which provide background to exactly what transpired at the Synod of Bishops of 2014:

The Francis “Showing a Leg” – link here, which lays out the case that the Synod of Bishops of 2014 had very little to do with “the Family”, and even the part that concerned “the Family” was entirely focused on “dysfunctional situations with individuals” which families encounter. What this post demonstrated is that the focus of the “real agenda” was on individuals who are living in a state of mortal sin, i.e. divorced and remarried or more aptly  termed “serial adulterer’s” and “aberro-sexuals”. This post further demonstrated that the issue of the “ serial adulterer’s” is a red herring whose real purpose is to allow those individuals who “manipulated” (the “Manipulators”) the agenda of the Synod of 2014, to tangentially and nominally provide a cover story that the agenda of this Synod is indeed about the Family.

Synod of the Three Paragraphs – link here, lays out the case that since the issue of “serial adulterer’s” is a red herring, the real agenda of the Manipulators must be the issue of the “acceptance and promotion of aberro-sexuality”. This post lays out the evidence that this is in fact the case and provides the circumstantial proof behind this contention. Therefore, if one wanted to provide a proper title based on the “objectively true” nature of the Synod of Bishops’ on the Family, it should read: the “Synod of Bishops on Natural Law”. Unfortunately, a more accurate description of what is in store for the Faithful will probably be something along these lines: the “Stealth Sex Synod of 2015”.

Finally, I would just like to point out that we faithful Catholics are living in historical times. We might not have seen times like this since the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century Anno Domini. What we have at our side is the One True Faith, handed to the apostles by Our Lord, and handed down through the generations to present day man. This faith is composed of two elements (see here):

as known through “natural light of human reason from the things that are made” and
as known through “divine revelation.”

We can be confident with 100% percent certainty that what we believe is correct. Not only does the “written Word” provide us with this proof, but so does everything that we can observe and infer through “the natural light of human reason”. Therefore, it is just a matter of time before the One True Faith conquers these latest barbarians at the gates. Besides, we are promised that “the gates of hell shall not prevail”. Which leaves the only question to be one of timing. And from the point of view of the DEUS EX MACHINA blog, the defeat in this latest struggle between the forces of Good and those of evil should be in the battle that will be waged between the 4th and the 19th of October, Anno Domini 2015.