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CS Winning


Yesterday, we left off our narrative on the 15th of December 2014, after we established the following:

The conclusion that can be inferred from this information thus far is : Francis’ actions demonstrate that the Synod of Bishops agenda of the Manipulators is more important than any Curia reform process that has been undertaken thus far. Furthermore, Francis is willing to create a “crisis” in order to get the Synod of Bishops’ Manipulators agenda passed. This Synod of Bishops’ Manipulators agenda has very strong precedence over the Curia reform process, a process that was the primary reason for his election to the papacy and that he has instituted almost at the beginning of his pontificate.

This is where we pick up our narrative today.

“Winning” In a Charlie Sheen Sort of Way!

The week of 15 December to 22 December 2014 was a slow week for information with regards to the situation inside the Vatican walls. The news flow was dominated by the news of a “successful” joint Obama/Francis tag team effort to throw a lifeline to the failing communist regime in Cuba, through the surrendering lifting of the 50+ year old US sanctions on the island run by the familial dynasty Communist military dictatorship of the Castro boys. On an aside, if this is what constitutes winning, then someone should seriously consider starting to plan a ticker tape parade for Francis, when he caves negotiates the agreement by which the Chinese Communist Party will be able to select the Chinese bishops and cardinals appointed in the Roman Catholic Church. But I digress…

Getting back to Francis’ “crisis that Francis was beyond”, and his negotiations relationship with the Roman Curia, unfortunately the “success” of “liberating” Cuba did not carry across the Mare Atlanticum and over those “Sacred Walls” of the Vatican.

We pick up the narrative on the 15th of December 2014. On the MondayVatican blog post of that day (see here), the following paragraph is a good indicator of the prevailing situation inside those “Sacred Walls”:

This [Ed. Note: Refers to Francis’ strategy of speaking directly to the media faithful, to diffuse the “crisis that Francis is beyond”.] may be seen as a sign that the debate is even more than lively, [Ed. Note: The “debate that is even more than lively” refers the debate over the agenda of the Manipulators of the Secret Synod of 2014] within the Sacred Walls. As lively as the debate of the reform is.

And just to make double sure that we understand, the situation, it was thus: “Within the Sacred Walls”, the general atmosphere that was prevailing during the week of 15 to 22 December 2014, was one of a “lively” debate.

Got that?

That is, up until the 22nd of December 2014. On this fateful day, Francis let “it all hand out” as the loyal son of the 1960’s generation would say. He “let it all hang out” at the annual Christmas message given to the Roman Curia. And nobody has ever seen or heard of this kind of Christmas message being given. Evahhhh!

Just to demonstrate the “severity” and “violence” of the language, below is a word cloud of the “Papal Christmas message that will go down in infamy” as reported by the Vatican Insider (see here).

Francis Wordcloud 2

Word Cloud of article reporting on the Christmas message to the Roman Curia that appeared in the Vatican Insider post on the 22nd of December 2014

Here is a close up of a part of the above word cloud, where we can find a certain word which is directed at the Curia:

Francis Wordcloud 2 _2

Close up of the “t” word in the Vatican Insider Word Cloud.

No one who has ever studied the 2000 year history of the Catholic Church, or who has followed the affairs of the Vatican or the Catholic Church in general, even those who were cognizant of the existence of the “crisis that Francis is beyond” and the acerbity of the debate that was “more than lively”, could have expected to hear anything of this nature. And they were stunned.

On an aside, at the following link dear reader, you can find the Francis Christmas message to the prison population of Casal del Marmo members of the Roman Curia in the form of a “motivational wall poster”, as the blog explains, “that can be in your office and let the diseases among fellow staff be cured”. Please see here.

But back to our story. Just to drive the point home of the radical nature of the Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia, below is a word cloud generated from the Vatican Radio report of the story. (see here) Contrast this with the word cloud generated by the Vatican Insider above.

Francis Curia Speech Wordcloud-1

Word Cloud of report on the Christmas message to the Roman Curia that appeared in the Vatican Radio post on the 22nd of December 2014

From the above, what we can plainly observe is that even Vatican Radio was embarrassed by Francis’ Christmas message to the Roman Curia. Notice how the word “disease” is replaced with a “milder” word: “sickness”. But also notice that no matter how hard Vatican Radio tried, that dreaded word “disease” just would not disappear. But the folks over at Vatican Radio were a bit more successful with “that word that can never be named” and this “word” did just simply disappear! Poof!

Needless to say, the Catholic media as well as the Main Stream Media were stunned. The most stunned were the “Cenacolo degli amici di Francesco” crowd ( Friends of Bill Francis). (see here) Over at the Rorate Caeli blog, a translation of an interview was posted, an interview provided by the French leftist liberal historian Prof. Odon Vallet, the go to man for the lunatic left progressive and anti-Church crowd of the French media. Here are the key quotes from what he told the French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche:(see here) (Ed. Notes are those of Le Jeournal du Dimanche)

[Vallet] His words are indeed very harsh. Pope Francis speaks of “mental petrification” within the Curia. After the last Synod (editor’s note: on the family), the Pope sees that his adversaries are at the heart of the government of the Church. In particular, without naming them, the American, African, and Italian bishops.

Nothing allows us to assume that he will be able to accomplish his reforms. I gather that he has an under-50% chance of accomplishing them.

Maybe he should have the interest of having his speeches read [beforehand] by more diplomatic persons, because those who approve of them in substance disagree with their form.

Even if he has named people close to him, he would need 10 to 12 years to turn the bishops to his side. […] We can imagine that the cardinals and the bishops set up such a strong inertia in the Vatican machinery that Francis can do nothing about it. His worst enemies are those who praise him in the crowd.

Please keep in mind that the good liberal historian Vallet is speaking about the supreme pontiff and an absolute sovereign monarch, which Francis factually is, and a fact that Francis has been reminded everyone of since his closing speech to the Secret Synod of Bishops of 2014. Vallet states:Nothing allows us to assume that he will be able to accomplish his reforms.” Let’s put this thought on our “stragglers” list for future reference. But I digress…

And at the end of the interview, the good Dr. delivers the coup de grace:

[Le Journal du Dimanche] Has he already lost the battle against his internal adversaries?

[Vallet] At this moment, he is in the process of losing it. Silence is gold…and he sets up a whole [new] category of persons against himself each day with his declarations. If I were pope Francis, I would put a cardinal in charge of saying good things about people and of putting oil in the cogwheels, instead of throwing it into the fire.

[Le Journal du Dimanche] Can you see pope Francis resigning?

[Vallet] Yes. Even though he can still reverse the trend. His speech is perhaps a way of saying, “I will die standing.”

To quickly sum up the above, what we are observing in the behavior of Francis the bishop of Rome, is that of a frustrated man. We see a man that neither thinks, speaks or feels with a sensus ecclesiae. What in fact we see is an “empty suit”, a political demigod who thinks that a “superficial” popularity in the leftist Catholic media circles and in the compliant global “lap dog” media can be a used as a legitimate currency against the Roman Curia and the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. A popularity, bah…a  notoriety which he has gained at the expense of berating and abusing those same Cardinals, bishops and loyal Catholic Faithful is his only remaining weapon to combat a crisis, albeit a “crisis that Francis is beyond”. What emerges, especially from the Vallet interview is the picture of a sad and pathetic figure, losing his composure and lashing out at all his enemies, whether real or imagined.

With respect to our narrative, confirmation as to the validity of the hypothesis that Francis is promoting the agenda of the Secret Synod Manipulators at the expense of, and to the detriment of all else, especially to the detriment of the Catholic Church, can be seen by the viciousness and crudeness of the speech itself. The nature of the speech was so despicable, that Vatican Radio felt a need to “scrub it down”. From the speech itself, we can detect the grunting and groaning similar to that of a wounded animal. An animal that is fighting for its very survival. Furthermore, “in persona” Francis, we observe the actions of a man who appears to have made “undertakings” to some unknown, undisclosed, obscure but at the same time “powerful interests”. He acts as if he is not only beholden to them, but that his very survival depends on his “performance”.  So Francis is willing to “create a crisis”, insult, berate, lie, manipulate, in short to do “whatever it takes”, in order to “perform”. The rest be damned. And what it is that he has to “perform”, is that he has to get an agenda passed, this same agenda that is being promoted by the Synod Manipulators and the same one alluded to by Dr. Vallet in the Le Journal du Dimanche.

And if we are reading the leftist liberal historian Vallet correctly, these clandestine “powerful interests” that are promoting Francis appear to be losing confidence that their man can perform.

I will leave off here on the 23 of December 2014.

But before I conclude, I just need to remind you dear reader, that even though the Ivereigh allegations are not explicitly mentioned in these above referenced posts, this 800 pound gorilla is still merrily romping around its Vatican cage during this Christmas season.

Still think the above is crazy?

Please be patient and hold that thought…

Update Friday 16 of January 2015, 13:23

And just in case you dear reader, thought I was a bit too rough on Francis, please see here.