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Puppets 3


Yesterday, we left off our narrative at the Christmas message that Francis gave to the prison population of Casal del Marmo Roman Curia on the 22nd of December 2014. The form and substance of these Season’s Greetings provided an excellent indication of the lengths to which Francis is willing to go, to pass the agenda promoted by the Manipulators of the Secret Synod of 2014, i.e. the TRUE AGENDA. Here is the relevant excerpt from the “Winning” in a Charlie Sheen Sort of Way summary paragraph:

With respect to our narrative, confirmation as to the validity of the hypothesis that Francis is promoting the agenda of the Secret Synod Manipulators at the expense of, and to the detriment of all else, especially to the detriment of the Catholic Church, can be seen by the viciousness and crudeness of the speech itself. […] Furthermore, “in persona” Francis, we observe the actions of a man who appears to have made “undertakings” to some unknown, undisclosed, obscure but at the same time “powerful interests”. He acts as if he is not only beholden to them, but that his very survival depends on his “performance”. So Francis is willing to “create a crisis”, insult, berate, lie, manipulate, in short to do “whatever it takes”, in order to “perform”. The rest be damned.

The subject of our next two posts will deal with an examination of the two parts to the above summary, i.e.:

Identify the STRATEGY that Francis’ has devised to force through the “agenda of the Manipulators” (TRUE AGENDA) at the upcoming Synod of Bishops of 2015,


Identify the most likely SPECIAL INTEREST group who stands behind Francis, and is responsible for his actions of trying to  force through this agenda of the Manipulators (TRUE AGENDA) at the upcoming Synod of Bishops of 2015.

We pick up our narrative on the 23rd of December 2014.

Consequences be damned!

Now that we have established what the TRUE AGENDA of Francis is, we can investigate how Francis aims to pass this TRUE AGENDA, at the Synod of Bishops which will convene on the 4th of October 2015 or 260 days from today.

We return to the MondayVatican blog, to the post of 15 December 2014 as our starting point. (see here) Toward the end of this post, we read the following: (emphasis added)

With 15 new hats, Pope Francis can really change the geography and the orientation of the College of Cardinals.

The change on the College of Cardinals, plus some additional appointments, may allow Pope Francis to take the Church beyond the institutional crisis. But not beyond the synod’s discussion, still close to the heart of people Pope Francis wants to reach for. Bishops will not take any step back from the synod’s discussion, and will not give up to pressures and indications like those contained in the synod’s guidelines.

The above is a good description of the strategy that Francis will use to force through his TRUE AGENDA at the Synod of Bishops of 2015. Further notice that now the MondayVatican blog is using the term “institutional crisis”, which Francis will try to “get beyond” with the appointment of 15 new cardinals. As you can no doubt tell by now, the MondayVatican “has a dog in this fight”. Also please note that the date of this post is 15 December 2014, 20 days before the new cardinals list was published.

Furthermore, please note that what is obviously being described above is that Francis will use the old Roman maxim of “divide et imperia”. Since Francis can’t do anything about the bishops, he can however quickly “stack the deck” by adding new cardinals in order to have some more bodies in the consistories. Furthermore, Francis can also appointing these new cardinals to the Synod of Bishops of 2015, which is the route that the MondayVatican blog indicates Francis will take.

Fast forward to the 4th of January 2015, Francis appoints not 15, but 20 new cardinals. (see here) Here is that passage from the MondayVatican blog: (emphasis added)

With twenty new cardinals, Pope Francis has redesigned further the profile of the College of Cardinals.

A general observation and Francis’ thinking is as follows:

Anyone who thinks that the only cardinals of import are those who ultimately will be voting in a Conclave is wrong. Pope Francis’ vision seems to be short-term. The need to make reforms, both in pastoral and, eventually, in doctrinal matters, requires that he form a hard core of individuals who will support those reforms in the meetings that he often convenes, as if he wishes to keep the Church in a state of permanent synod. Given that the Pope even convokes consistories to discuss hot issues in the life of the Church, every red hat carries its own weight, no matter the age of the Cardinal who wears it.

From the above, we have not only the confirmation, but also further insight into the STRATEGY which will be one of “stacking the deck” with red hats. Furthermore, we can also observe that Francis is under pressure. He has no time to lose. What he is trying to do is put in place is a “voting block”, that is beholden to him, and will vote in the manner in which he directs. He is appointing YES MEN!. We also observe that it is not just the practice that Francis intends to change, but the doctrine as well. And the manner in which he will do this is to “keep the Church in a state of permanent synod”.   And to make sure that the permanent synod keeps on voting correctly, this voting block of YES MEN CARDINALS are key. With respect to the “quality” of these appointments, we will save this for a future post, but how’s that for a meritorious selection process? Concluding, what Francis and the SPECIAL INTEREST are planning is not so much to keep the Church in a state of permanent synod, but rather a permanent Council. What they need is a permanent Council, as in Vatican III so that they can take the new novelties which Francis and the Modernists conjure up and declare them to be dogma. Hence, the phrase “need to make reforms, both in pastoral and, eventually, in doctrinal matters” is most telling.

Back to the MondayVatican post:

How these new cardinals will change the balance of the discussions is yet to be determined. Certainly, their selection tells much about Pope Francis’ modus operandi.

All of these choices demonstrate the Pope’s wish to fashion a College of Cardinals that is continually less ‘curial’ (i.e., it is made up of ever diminishing numbers of members from the Roman Curia), while at the same time steadily growing in numbers of shepherds with the “smell of the sheep”.

OK I can’t resist. With respect to above, one just has to wonder how much “sheep smell” Francis will get from the four new announced cardinals who each have 30 or less priests under them. Somehow, I think the intent lays somewhere else. But back to the post:

The second theme that runs through the choices of new cardinals is that many of them took the floor during the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family. For example, Archbishop Menichelli is reported to have sided with Cardinal Kasper during the Synod’s discussions.

And yes, we have a result, as the English would say. It is about the “ideology” of that “sheep smell”. What we can infer is that Francis sat at the Synod, observed who said what, and decided who should be cardinal on the basis of how what that who said conformed to the TRUE AGENDA. How’s that for an upper management selection strategy? And is it any wonder that Bergoglio left the Buenos Aires archdiocese in such shambles when he left for Rome. Remember Bergoglio had less than 30 seminarians and Bishop Livieres had 230 in Ciudad del Este. (see here) No wonder even fellow Jesuit and fellow “nutter” card. Martini+ didn’t back Bergoglio at the 2005 conclave. (see here) But back to the post:

What contribution are the new cardinals called on to make? Speaking broadly, to support Pope Francis’ commitment to reforms. The Curia seems to have been sidelined; in fact the only pick from the Curia in the coming Consistory – one that was required – is that of Domnique Mamberti, former Vatican “minister for Foreign Affairs” and the Pope’s choice as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura.

Not by chance, while meeting the Curia for the traditional exchange of Christmas greetings, Pope Francis listed 15 curial sins, and he reiterated once more the concept of papal primacy.

I will stop here for today.

But think about the above and let it set in.

Tomorrow’s we will get into the detail of who exactly is behind forcing this TRUE AGENDA. But before I sign off, I want to leave you with this paragraph to provide you dear reader with an idea of what is in store for this upcoming Synod of Bishops, which will begin in 260 days. Here is an indicative passage of what the Francis and the Synod Manipulators are up against:

In November the US Bishops’ Conference chose its delegates for the upcoming Synod: Cardinal Di Nardo and Archbishops of Galveston-Houston and Archbishops Chaput of Philadelphia, Gomez of Los Angeles and Kurtz of Louisville. None of them adheres to the ‘Kasper theory’ strongly supported by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, and by Archbishop Forte. If this interpretation is true, it signals that the behind the scenes battle over the next Synod has already begun, and that it will be fierce.

Final word is this. Yes indeed, the “battle over the next Synod has already begun”.

Still think the above is crazy?

Hope you are still holding on to that thought…