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Francis !Today we will take a breather from the analysis and commentary of the goings on in and around Rome. This down time should help with “digesting” the material presented and the analysis and commentary that have been provided since last Monday. That is, for those of you who are following? And there are about 260 of you out there, spread out across 25 or so countries at last count. A big Deo gratias…

If you are following this blog, you will no doubt know that this past Monday, the 12th of January 2014, this blog changed its focus from a general current event type of analysis and commentary and began to focus on the upcoming Synod of Bishops of 2014 EXCLUSIVELY. (see here)

Over this past week, The Dues Ex Machina blog has “drilled down” into the information flow originating in the Catholic and wider media and the blogo-sphere, to present a “snapshot” of the situation on the ground in Rome and in the wider Church circles. The aim of this effort, hopefully, is not only to explain the dynamics that are at work, but also to put in place some form of framework that will allow the reader to obtain a better understanding of the real situation on the ground. (see here) Putting this information flow and analysis into a structured framework allows for a better sense of what is in store for the Faithful in the not too distant future, at the upcoming Synod of Bishops, which begins in 258 days.

The origin for this above described effort, and the reason why I began this blog in the first place, was due to the situation that transpired at the Secret Synod of 2014 and thereafter. The cause behind the decision to “exclusively focus” on the upcoming Synod of Bishops of 2015 was the information provided in the interview that Francis gave to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion, which was published on the 7th of December 2014. And without going into detail here, but from this bloggers perspective, this interview was a watershed moment for this papacy, in this bloggers humble opinion. (For original post see here.)

The reason that I consider this above mentioned interview a watershed is in turn due to both its tone and its substance:

As to its tone, we see a dejected Francis trying to “preemptively” manage a “crisis” that he will create two days after his interview is published, a crisis that will be created by the release of the Lineamenta on the 9th of December 2014. (see here) He is resigned to the fact that he has to create this “crisis”, since he , for some unknown reason, cannot do otherwise. The interview reads as if Francis is seeking pity and understanding from the reader, that he is really, really trying his best, but it just isn’t working out like he intended.

As to the substance, the key to understanding the interview is to understand that Francis decides to finally admit that his papacy is just one big public relations exercise. His entire papacy rests on changing several words that are being used presently to words which have a better ring to the “contemporary” audience. He is also asking the audience not to judge his failings, since they are quite apparent and evident, but rather to judge his intentions.

As to the “crisis” that Francis is preparing to unleash, the reason that Francis feels the need to preempt this “crisis” is that he is cognizant of the fact that he will be doing something that no other pontiff in the history of the Roman Catholic Church has done up to now. What Francis will be doing is this:

As the Head of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Vicar of Christ, Francis will be instructing the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church to disregard the doctrine, the doctrine that was given by Our Lord to his Apostles personally and that which has passed down through the generations of Faithful. Francis will be giving these instructions in order to satisfy “some form of undertaking” that he gave to a SPECIAL INTEREST group (see here), an undertaking by which he considers himself bound.

Here is the paragraph with the historically significant text:

The proposed questions which follow and the reference numbers to the paragraphs in the Relatio Synodi are intended to assist the bishops’ conferences in their reflection and to avoid, in their responses, a formulation of pastoral care based simply on an application of doctrine, which would not respect the conclusions of the Extraordinary Synodal Assembly and would lead their reflection far from the path already indicated.

The premise behind this paragraph is not only patently false, but it is so patently false that everyone knows it is patently false. Even the very “accommodating” Catholic and mainstream media organizations recognized this statement as being patently false. Hence the subsequent, and hastily put out narrative that the media did not really, really, really understand Francis. The problem for Francis however, is that the media understood Francis quite accurately, and so did the Catholic cardinals and bishops at the Synod and so did the members of the Curia. (see here)

Seeing as how all the players in this “Great Game” caught on to what Francis was trying to do, Francis was forced to put in place a STRATEGY (see here) to help him force the necessary changes in the doctrine and practice of the Catholic Church to satisfy his backers. The STRATEGY entails “stacking the deck with cardinal appointments. These cardinals are being created for sole one reason and one reason alone and that is to try to force Francis’ AGENDA through the upcoming Synod of Bishops.

Concluding, from the evidence above, it is apparent that the “self-created intentional crisis” of Francis, was the root cause of the larger “crisis that Francis was beyond” and the resulting vicious attack on the Roman Curia delivered by Francis at the Christmas greetings message delivered on the 22nd of December 2014. This was another occurrence never before seen at the Vatican. And it was the fall out of this Christmas message to the Curia that brought about the “secret war” in the Vatican, a war whose result is that the backers of Francis are desperately looking for a new candidate, a new puppet pope just like the puppet pope that they consider Francis to be. And the reason why they are setting about this rather “indelicate” process is just in case Francis becomes unmanageable. (see here)

Still think this is crazy?

Please keep on holding that thought…