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Today, Father Z. is Man Marking Marx!

I am re-posting the below from Father Z.’s blog.

Man Marking Marx !


Card. Marx pulls a fast one with the text of ‘Evangelii gaudium’..


It is worth noting the following passage from Father Z.:

Some people might think that this is a petty point to pick on.  It is after all, only a small item in a longer interview and, as such, not worth the microscope treatment.

I disagree.  This is important.

The Deus Ex Machina Blog seconds that motion!

Furthermore, it is very important to parse the speeches and writings of the neo-modernists to understand their intent. It is only once we understand the definitions of the words that they use, and the proper meaning of those words, that one can understand the TRUE message that they are putting across to the Faithful. And once we understands the TRUE message, we can determine their TRUE AGENDA.

Which brings me to another excellent point, namely:

I noticed something in the interview that bothered me… a lot.  Here is the section that most troubled me.

Yes, the entire article troubled me a lot also. Furthermore, we all need to be “troubled” by this speech, “a lot”.

Especially since Cardinal “Bling” Marx just might be the most powerful cleric in all of Christendom.

But that is coming up in the next post, so don’t turn that Bat Channel!

Before I sign off: Kudo’s to Father Z. and please “keep on keeping on”, as the old and tired 1960’s expression goes, Man Marking Marx!