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T -249: The Pianist’s Returns and He’s Spartacus!

The Pianist

The Pianist

Tickling the ivories, and playing on the Faithful’s nerves.

For his repertoire on how he “plans to manipulate the Synod” and other favorites see here. 😉

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One of the most glaring aspects of the ultra-clericalism that has been rampant in the Church since the last Council, is that many statements purporting to encourage lay input and involvement in the Church are suddenly forgotten when the laity don’t uphold the progressive-modernist line.  It seems, as in so many areas of Church life, some laity are more equal than others. The input of the radicals at the National Heretic Reporter are eagerly sought; that of the most faithful and involved Catholics are rejected, sometimes angrily, for the inconvenient things they sometimes say.

There has been some rather strong evidence of this trend of late.  Recently, in preparation for the second session of the Extraordinary Synod on the Family, the Vatican held a conclave of numerous lay family organizations from around the world. They were asked for their input for the various proposals being discussed.  When they almost…

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