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Karl Rahner

Yesterday we left off while analyzing the question: Just how powerful is Cardinal Reinhard „ Bling” Marx. Today’s post should be viewed as a continuation of the analysis started in the Man Marking Marx – Die Power Ball.

Today we begin with an observation from the MondayVatican blog, a blog that is very friendly to Francis and the revolution. (see here) Here is how they described Card. “Bling” Marx:

It is noteworthy that Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, a prime engineer of Vatican reforms and one of the main players in this season of the Church, has recently insisted that the Church should learn from Luther.

It needs repeating that both sides of the Great Political Divide that Francis unleashed on the Roman Catholic Church, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ITS 2000 YEAR HISTORY, see Marx as not only the most “most influential religious leader in Europe”  (see here) but also as the “prime engineer of the Vatican reforms” as per above.

With respect to the Luther quote, consider his a “straggler” that we will pick up in a future post.

Today we will try to locate and pin down the Network that is the Power behind Die Power Ball.

The Network

Given the above, and the analysis from our previous posts, we have been able to construct a profile of Cardinal Reinhard “Bling” Marx both as a person (see here) and as prominent cleric wielding immense power and clout. Today we will try to “place him” into the structure of the group that we designate as the “Network”. It is this group that is responsible for providing Marx with this immense power and and media protection (see here), power and protection that allows the agenda of this special interest group to advance. It is this special interests group that provides the source of this immense power wielded not only by Marx and the present organization that he heads, but likewise served to promote this same agenda by the German Bishops’ Conference post VII and by the individual German Bishops after the Second World War.

Looking at various pieces of evidence (data points) that we have assembled so far, we can construct the following outline of this Network and make the following observations:

General Observations

Cardinal Reinhard “Bling” Marx has advanced to positions both in the German Bishops’ Conference (President) and in the Vatican hierarchy (Member of Council of Cardinal- C9) which provide him with an immense amount of power in making decisions affecting not only the German Church and the universal Church, but also each and every member of the Church Militant. That’s you and me folks!

Card. Marx was chosen to be the President of the German Bishops’ Conference, backed by a Network who is a powerful lobby within the German Church and by extension the Roman Catholic Church.

Card. Marx won an election by a “wafer-thin” margin in the Plenary in April of 2014, after leading a vicious media campaign against a potential rival. (see here)

Card. Marx was appointed by the bishop of Rome to sit on the Council of Cardinals (C9), who are advising Francis on the “Curia reforms”.

Network Sightings

“Occurrences” have been observed that indicate that a “group of highly placed clerics” representing a Network with connections to EXTERNAL SPECIAL INTERESTS outside the Catholic Church, engaged in activities which directly effect the internal functioning of the Roman Catholic Church and its leadership.

Evidence of this Network is contained in the Davies interview, and the quote is as follows:

MD: Yes. He and his fellow German, Lehmann, were made Cardinals. You see there is no chance of Cardinal Ratzinger being made Pope. The job of Kasper and Lehmann is to go to the conclave and stop anyone Ratzinger supports from being made Pope. (see here)

(NB) Since “the job” of Kasper and Lehmann is to go to the conclave and stop anyone Ratzinger supports from being made Pope”, than these two must have received instructions for carrying out that “job” from an outside “source”. This could be someone from outside the German Bishops’ Conference since Lehmann is considered the “capo di tutti capi”, which would imply that there is someone above him.

Furthermore Kasper and Lehmann have not only a “source of funding” for this job, but media protection likewise. Evidence for this assertion is from the following quote:

MD: It is interesting, Pope John Paul II wouldn’t appoint Kasper and Lehmann at first and a week later he did.

JB: Yes. Their appointment came as a shock to a lot of orthodox Catholics.

MD: Well do you know where the pressure came from? The Polish hierarchy. Because they get so much money from the Germans. So Kasper and Lehmann said, ‘You scratch our backs and we’ll scratch yours.’

Original Manifestation of this Network

The first “public” manifestation of this powerful Network was observed at the beginning of the Second Vatican Council, which overturned the prepared schema and introduced the alternative schemas, which in turn led to the introduction of the “smoke of the spirit of the new springtime” into the Church, which in turn led to the destruction of the institution of the Church and undermined the One True Faith. The ringleaders of this cabal was the German Frigs, along with the Frenchmen Liénart, the Belgium Suenens and the Dutchman Alfrink.

On an aside, it would not be too unreasonable to suspect that these four were allowed to run roughshod over Vatican II due to a “service” that they performed at the conclave of 1958.

Ideological Agenda

It would be fair to say that this Network has consistently promoted an anti-Catholic, progressive-leftist ideology opposing the Catholic Faith since the commencement of the Second Vatican Council.

Source of Funding

The source of funding for this Network is the Kirchensteuer which was re-introduced by the German Basic Law of 1949. This Church Tax generated €5.5b in income in 2013 alone. It is estimated that the income dropped to €4.9b in 2014 based on the drop in the German Church Tax payer pool.

Due to the form of the collection of the Church Tax and enormous amounts that are collected and ultimately “administered” by the German Bishops’ Conference, the Bishops’ Conference is very dependent on the national political powers that be. The amount that the individual Church Tax payer is assessed is either 8% or 9% of their income tax. The Catholic Church uses the state to collect the Kirchensteuer. Therefore, the Church hierarchy are in essence reliant on the German state for their existence. (see here)

The amount of the Kirchensteuer collected annually has allowed the Catholic Church in Germany to become the second largest “business” employing 700,000 employees. Second largest employer in German behind Mercedes Benz. (see here)

Distribution Mechanism

The creation of the national bishops conferences by the Motu ProprioEcclesiae sanctae by Pope Paul VI in 1966, allowed for groups of mid level functionaries appointed to these national bishops’ conferences to wrest control over the Catholic churches away from the diocesan ordinaries (bishops). This confernance mechanism essentially replaced the natural communion between a bishop and the pope with collegiality, an artificial “creation” which allowed these mid level functionaries to “pool” the power of the individual bishops into a “collective”, a power that they then used to steer their own agendas.

The advent of the “collegiality” collectives allowed shadowy figures such as Joseph Bernadine in the US and Karl Rahner in Germany to usurp the power of the individual bishops and establish a dichotomy of interests between these collectivized Bishops’ Conferences and the pope.

Because of the unique manner in which the German Church is funded, i.e. through the Kirchensteuer, the German Bishops’ Conference became the ultimate “administers” of all the Church Tax collected in Germany.

The Kirchensteuer has created an environment of corruption within the leftist circles of the German Bishops’ Conference. The dramatic numbers of both practicing and lapsed Catholics who are de-registering, has caused a massive problem that is threatening to collapse the entire ponzi scheme church funding system. (see here)

Marx’s Lineage

With the advent of Vatican II and the creation of the national bishops’ conferences, many shadowy figures ascended into key positions of authorities. Once such corrupt and heretical cleric was the Jesuit Karl Rahner. An explanation of this situation is as follows:

The Episcopal Conferences were dominated in fact by their theological experts and since among them the most powerful were the Germans, the role of their principal theologian, the Jesuit, Karl Rahner, was decisive. Father Wiltgen sums it up efficaciously, describing the power of the progressive lobby united in what he calls the “European Alliance”. “Since the position of the German Bishops was adopted by the European Alliance and again, given that the position of the Alliance was generally accepted by the Council, it was enough for one theologian alone to convince the German language Bishops of his personal ideas so that the Council would make them its own. This theologian existed: Father Karl Rahner of the Society of Jesus.” (see here)

Lehmann was a protégé of Rahner. An explanation of this situation is as follows:

Everyone knows, actually, at least in Germany, that the one who is still pulling the strings of dissent against Rome is precisely Lehmann, an old disciple of Karl Rahner. Father Ralph Wiltgen, in his book The Rhine Flows Into The Tiber, highlighted Rahner’s role in the Second Vatican Council from the moment the Episcopal Conferences carried out a determining role.

And Marx is a protégé of Lehmann and by extention Rahner and the current figurehead to this EXTERNAL SPECIAL INTEREST. An explanation of this situation is as follows:

Fifty years after Vatican II, Rahner’s shadow is hovering once again over the Catholic Church, making his voice heard in the pro-homosexual positions of some of his followers, younger than Lehmann and Kasper, like Cardinal Archbishop of Munich, Reinhard Marx and Archbishop of Chieti, Bruno Forte.

Summa summarum

Concluding, it is this Network described above comprised of shadowy figures that trace their lineage to key figures who plotted and carried out the destruction of the Catholic Church after the Second World War, culminating in the Second Vatican Council. During VII, these individuals found themselves in key positions of authority with access to both power and financing. They created a what amounts to a criminal organization within the Catholic Church through which they expert power. At present, the figurehead of this organization is Cardinal Reinhard “Bling” Marx. The power behind Marx is Cardinal Kurt Lehmann who exercises power from behind the curtain. To illustrate the kind of power Lehmann exercises, the following is a good indication:

The only plausible reason is that the Pope has offered the head of Cardinal Burke on a plate to Cardinal Kasper and, through him, to Cardinal Karl Lehmann, the ex-President of the German Episcopal Conference. Everyone knows, actually, at least in Germany, that the one who is still pulling the strings of dissent against Rome is precisely Lehmann, an old disciple of Karl Rahner.

To demonstrate the threat that this Network and their supporting EXTERNAL SPECIAL INTEREST pose to the church, a list of scandals that can be plausibly connected to them are as follows: Buying of Cardinal-ships for Lehmann and Kasper, Vati-Leaks – (original story appeared in Die Welt), Abdication of Benedict XVI and the present scandal whereby Kasper and Lehmann are complicit in “Team Bergoglio” allegations. These allegations were made by Dr. Austen Ivereigh, the spokesman for another of the “Team Bergoglio” cabal, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor. According to the allegations, a present day “European Alliance” consisting of Cardinals Kasper (German), Lehmann (German), Danneels (Belgian) and Andre Vingt-Trois (French) whereby the plotters gained the acceptance and then canvassed for votes to elect Bergoglio. (see here)

On an aside, no Dutchman was implicated, which lead on to conclude that the Dutch Catholic Church was the first national church that fell to the spirit of Vatican II. But I digress…

It is this shadowy Network of proteges of Karl Rahner, funded by the Kirchensteuer and influenced by EXTERNAL SPECIAL INTERESTS that represents the greatest threat to the stability of the Catholic Church and to the well being of souls in its care.

But more on that in the next post.