Today has been a busy day, so I have not had time to finish my daily post.

However, this might not be a bad time to go back to previous posts and re-evaluate them with what has occurred subsequently, and with the new information that we have obtained in the mean time.

Today, I am re-blogging a post that I wrote on the 11th of December 2014. This was my initial post regarding the interview that Francis gave to the Argentine newspaper La Nacion. It was in my opinion a watershed post.

If you have been following the unfolding narrative on the Deus Ex Machina blog, it was later revealed that this was a preemptive attempt to manage a crisis that Francis was set to create with the release of the Lineamenta or guideline documents to the bishops’ conferences two days later.

Reading through this document, please bear in mind the ensuing crisis caused by the release of the Lineamenta, along with Francis’ reaction using the violent imagery in the Christmas address given to the Curia and the violent comments about punching someone in the nose. This catalogue of abusive metaphors was supplemented by card. Baldisseri’s comment about physical alterations at the Council of Nicea. These incidents are substantive proof that panic is setting in at the Team Francis camp. The Deus Ex Machina blog picked this up almost 7 weeks earlier. In other words, this blog has an accurate reading of the situation within the Sacred Walls of the Vatican.

Also notice the “appeal to pity” strategy that Francis employs with the readers, implying that there is a hidden power that he needs to address with this interview. More on just this topic in our next post.

But for now, a final thought is this: when looking at this situation with 20/20 hindsight, it is easy to come away with the impression that it was at this time that the “wheels started to come off this papacy”.

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Don't Panic
An interview with Francis, the bishop of Rome was published in the Argentine newspaper La Nacion this past Sunday, the 7th of December. (see here) I have refrained from commenting until now, since writing first impressions would have done this article a grave injustice. I wanted to give myself some time for reflection to allow this information to really sink in. And here are my thoughts.

One more thing. The title of this post relates to the pejorative term “The Magic Words”, that the hippies modernists if the 1960 used to describe the words of consecration in the Roman Canon.


The reason for the above mentioned time of reflection was that this article was a watershed article in my humble opinion. The words of Francis in this interview provide the observer with two important pieces of information. The first piece of information is that we see a Francis…

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