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For your consideration!

On the back of the huge success that the forces of the Restoration had with the organizing at this years March for Life in Washington D.C., (see here) the Duex Ex Machina Blog has an idea.

Anyone who spends time in Europe, especially places like Prague or Krakow, must have noticed the waves of weekend tourists that descend on these historic cities. This revolution has been brought about due to the deregulation of the airline industry in Europe. Therefore, getting to Torun is much easier and less expensive than you think.

So the suggestion of this blog would be to support the Forces of the Restoration by supporting the below letter writer.

And one more suggestion while I am at it. It’s high time that we all learn to sing the Salve Regina! (see here)

Let’s do Turin this year!

Rorate Caeli: You suggest: Participate in Turin exposition of the Holy Shroud

From a reader:

In 2013 we founded the “Associazione Cardinal G. Saldarini”, intended to be for Turin the equivalent of the Latin Mass Society in London. We supported many young priests with their first Vetus Ordo celebration, and we are now sponsoring/organizing a new all-Sundays sung Mass and two Saturday celebrations. We have a small choir and a group of altar servers.

In 2015, there will be in Turin an exposition of the Holy Shroud (Sindone), and millions of pilgrims are expected. We are trying to have as many TLMs as possible during the exposition and are already cooperating with many traditional communities and institutes supporting them as a local base to organize their celebrations and keeping a calendar of the various pilgrimages in order to avoid overlapping.

Our goal is to have the maximum possible of participants at their celebrations in Turin and to develop collaboration with them for the future. We have prepared an appeal to all traditional communities that has been released in many traditional sites and Facebook pages in French and other languages.

Click here for the release in the site of the Schola Sainte Cécile. And see below for the English translation.  

Shroud of Turin