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Two seemingly unrelated posts from two blogs that are written on two different continents, in two different languages and from two different cultural environments, and yet… provide to the prescient observer a beautiful insight of the Restoration of the Catholic Church that even Francis and his thugs can’t stop (see here).

First from the Eponymous Flower Blog: A (re) birth.

St. Marks Venice

Patriarchal Basilica of Venice

(Venice) On 31 January 2015  the traditional form of the Roman Rite returned back to the Patriarchal Basilica of Venice.

The feast of St. Mark the Evangelist will be celebrated by the Church on 25 April. In the old Venetian Republic whose patron was the Evangelist, also the transfer of the relics of the saint was in 828 to Venice is commemorated for the end of January. As the location where the relics of St. Mark’s Basilica unique built by the Venetians.

Please read the rest of the story here.

And now, a death reported at the Dallas Area Catholics Blog. (see here)


Too bad Voris didn’t let us in on this “well kept secret” earlier.

But hey, he has nice hair.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine,

et lux perpetua luceat ei.

Requiescat in pace.


The two posts are related since they serve as a good example of the 1960’s “hippie freak” generation departing to…. ahemmmm….let’s call it “their just reward”. And I say good riddance to the most harmful generation since the Arian heresy, if not evahhhh. Francis is the last of this lot, and as soon as he is gone, only pretenders to this abysmal legacy will remain. But with the demise of the Kirchensteuer (200,000 de-listed in 2014 alone) and the depletion of the diocesan trust funds (cash burn baby, cash burn!),the legacy hippies will be history likewise (see here). But in the mean time, the Indefectable Holy Roman Catholic Church is beginning to unite. Green shoots maybe! (see here) This heavy lifting is being performed throughout the developed world as we speak. Led by the SSPX (see here) and the young clergy (see here), which we observe leading the Restoration in small towns as well as in the large cities. The above story in the Eponymous Flower blog, of the return of the proper Catholic Mass to the Patriarchal Basilica of Venice is a huge advancement since the Immemorial Mass of All Ages reclaims it’s rightful venue, the historic Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco. Next, for all we know, the Venetians  will be turning “East” like the Cornhuskers of Lincoln Nebraska did last Advent. (see here)

And all that any TRUE CATHOLICS can say is: “You go girl!”.