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Due to an unexpectedly busy schedule, I am re-posting an article that appeared on The Remnant website. It strays from the Synod of 2015 storyline that I have been pursuing. However, the post is exceptional in light of the mission of this blog, and the Restoration of all things in Christ, starting with a return to the Immemorial Mass of All Ages. The below is an excellent article that provides context and support to all those who are doing this ” heavy lifting”. I second the decision of the editors in the first paragraph of his post.

The Traditional Latin Mass: A Reenactment of Christ’s Last Days on Earth 

Written by  Rev. Leonard Goffine

Pius XII Offering Mass

Latin must be retained because vernacular is always subjected to changes, would give rise to false interpretations, diminish reverence for the Most Holy Sacrifice, and might endanger the faith itself.

Editor’s Note: Knowing that many devout souls are trying to bring back the Latin Tridentine Mass, we are presenting an article written by Rev. Leonard Goffine over 200 years ago. Catholics who still love the Latin Mass will enjoy reading the part the priest plays as compared with Christ’s. By following the priest step by step in the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice and seeing how the Mass is the reenactment of Christ’s last days on earth, many will gain a better and deeper understanding of the Mass and may come to realize why it is necessary to continue to preserve the Latin Tridentine Mass. May the Blessed Mother bestow her graces on all who seek to preserve the Holy Sacrifice.

 To read the entire post, please see here.