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Williams and Rather

Remember when Catholic popes, cardinals and bishops exercised “message control”? Or in other words, they watched what they said?

Remember when journalists were assumed to be “objective”, “factual” and “honest”?  OK Got me on that one. I don’t either. Let’s start again.

Do you dear reader, remember a time when it was a sin to tell a lie?

Good, because it is this “time” that will be our jump off point for today.

With 239 days to go until the start of the Synod of Bishops of 2015, I would like to draw your attention to two narratives that are playing out in the media, both Catholic and the main stream. Both stories pertain to individuals who have “put out” into the public domain stories which have been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be false.

Williams 2

The first incident relates to the news network NBC. We have commented on the apparent lack of honesty by their management in one of their business units in the You Can Fool Some of the People Some of the Time post. (see here) The most recent incident has at its center the NBC News anchor Brian Williams, but it has also ensnared CNN (see here). It appears that Mr. Williams has been telling a story about him coming under fire in Iraq in 2003 while traveling with US forces in Iraq. It also now appears that this issue now encompasses the original “fib” told by Williams over a 10 year period, a less than accurate apology, and now it turns out that NBC management have been aware of the fact that Williams has been telling this “fib” for quite a while. Not only have they known Williams was a serial liar, but they even made him the head anchor of their nightly national news cast with full knowledge of this fact. Furthermore, the management at NBC who was aware of this “issue”, had taken no steps to either force Williams to correct his tale or even force him to refrain from telling his “war story” on numerous occasions. And now, it turns out that Williams was reporting “imaginary bodies floating down the French Quarter streets in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina (see here). I could go on, but this is not the primary point of this post. But for those interested, please read the rest of the story at the Hot Air Blog here and here and here.

Which brings me to the second incident in which an “upper management type” has been “putting out information” into the public domain that is false. Furthermore, not only is this second individual putting out false stories, he is embellishing at the same time the reputation of another retired Head of the Roman Catholic Church and Vicar of Christ, i.e. the Pope Emeritus. This ongoing incident , pertains to one Bishop Paglia who is making false statements that, it was pope Benedict who released the case of the Marxist sympathizing Salvadorian bishop Romero’s cause for sainthood. The falsehoods became apparent when the recent quotes of Bp. Paglia completely contradicted quotes of Bp. Paglia made a year earlier.

PS Paglia

Now, the reason that I am pointing these “false claims” out is that there are some interesting differences in how these two incidents are being treated. In the first case, the one of Mr. Williams, the NBC new organization is in chaos, and the retired news anchor of NBC, Tome Brokaw has even called for Mr. Williams to be fired. (see here)The reason is that Mr. Williams has caused NBC news to lose “credibility”. Yes, you read that right. NBC worries about its “credibility”. Even if it is superficial “credibility” it non the less is still “credibility”. Alright, I give up. It is a word that begins with the letter “c”. OK? Happy now? But I digress…

With respect to the second incident, the one concerning Bishop Vicenzo Paglia, there is no outcry from the organization in question. Neither the head of this organization, the bishop of Rome, nor any of the staff have even bothered to comment about this scandal. The false information was reported by ABC news (see here), but no retraction or correction has been forthcoming. You got to wonder about their credibility? The proof of the statement being false is here. If not for the internet and the bloggers, like Mundabor (see here) and Pew Sitter, the story would have probably gone unnoticed. But even the breaking of his scandal has not slowed down the less than credible Bp. Paglia from engaging in the deceitful promotion of this ideological cause. (see here)

So at the end of the day, under the Francis “Thugacy ™ ” (see here), lying is OK, as long as you are doing it for a good cause. From the above, it would appear that with the advent of this “new springtime of the spirit of the 21st century zeitgeist™ “, the Catholic Church has adopted its moral standards to a level that does not even meet the standards of NBC news. It would also appear that the “only means of salvation” that we unworthy mortals have at our disposal, is in the hands of people who possess the mindset of the average Bolshevik. For it was the Marxist/Leninists who understood “truth” to be that which advances their ideology and falsehood that which retards its advance. And it is this kind of mindset that led to not only lying for a good cause, but also killing and murdering for a good causes (see here and here). And isn’t it ironic that the good Archbishop Paglia is promoting an individual who most likely could have also been killed for a good cause?

As per this new FrancisChurch pastoral practice, of course.

Hey, Dzerzhinsky was born Catholic and he “loved the poor”… not that it matters these days mind you. But I digress again…

At the end of the day, the takeaway from the above post is this: it is not important whether Bishop Romero +, God have mercy on his soul, was killed for a good cause or not. What IS the most important aspect of this story is that NBC news appears to have more credibility than the Roman Catholic Church, under this management.