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SSPX Dominicans I

From the Eponymous Flower Blog, “Old Ritual Dominicans in Rome — Procession Into Saint Peter’s Under the Eyes of the Cardinals” (see here)

Updated  Friday 13 February 2015 11:34

The below is a new translation of the last paragraph of the original post. The translation is from the original, and is by a good friend of this blog, Radical Catholic. I have also added Radical Catholic’s comments about the relevance of the quote below.

The quote du jour: (emphasis added)

The pilgrims entered “with solemn repose and majestic dignity” St. Peter’s Basilica, reported Chiesa e postconcilio’s Paolo Pasqualucci, who was at the time one among the faithful in the Square. “Three young men from the Vatican Security Service were standing next to a uniformed corpsman of the Papal Gendarmerie. The former were visibly agitated at the sight of the procession of the Pius X Fraternity as they moved towards St. Peter’s. They had probably been ‘forewarned’ that ‘terrible heretics and enemies of the Pope’ were approaching. The corpsman observed the passing priests with a serious mien. Then he spoke to the young men from the Security Service in the Roman dialect: ‘That is the true Church, and not that one over there,’ and motioned with his head towards the Vatican Palaces. He repeated it twice as the priests, religious and faithful entered St. Peter’s Basilica.”

Furthermore, Radical Catholic points out:

That this was said by a member of the Gendarmerie is, in my opinion, even more significant than had it been said by a priest. This is a working-class Roman layman. A statement like this speaks volumes as to the situation on the ground in Rome.

Deep down inside, we all know who’s right…

Here is the post in its entirety.

SSPX Dominicans II

(Rome) On the 40th anniversary of their order, the Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux are making a pilgrimage to Rome at the mother of all churches and the grave of Peter. The School Sisters of the Mother House in France in the Languedoc Fanjeaux (Aude) serves eight girls’ schools. Six schools are located in France, one in the US and since 2012, one in the Federal Republic of Germany, near Freiburg im Breisgau.

The pilgrims included more than 1,500 people, including over 200 nuns, teachers and graduates of their schools, who were distinguished by their blue Basque berets. The first stage of the pilgrimage was last Tuesday at the Archbasilica San Giovanni in Laterano omnium urbis et orbis mater et caput ecclesiarum (mother and head of all churches of Rome and of the earth). The Lateran Basilica is the highest ranking among the four patriarchal churches and the cathedral of the pope. There, the pilgrims sang the Creed, and prayed the Way of the Cross for the pope. In the morning they had participated a Mass celebrated by Father Niklaus Pfluger. Father Pfluger is the first assistant to the Society of St. Pius X.

Ceremonial Entry in the Vatican Basilica Under the Eyes of Cardinals

On Thursday, the traditional pilgrims, sisters, girls and women moved in solemn order into St. Peter’s Basilica to visit the grave of the Apostle Peter. An “impressive event under the eyes of the Cardinals just gathering for the Consistory, an improvement standing out from the otherwise hectic crowd of pilgrims and tourists stood out” as Chiesa e postconcilio reported.

According to Forum Catholique, despite repeated requests to the Pontifical Commission of Ecclesia Dei by the pilgrims, no church was made available to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional rite in the city of Rome. It’s a de facto ban that has allegedly, according to the French side, to do with the fact that the Holy Masses by priests of the SSPX had to be celebrated to ensure the pastoral care of the Dominican Sisters for 40 years. Father Pfluger had to celebrate the Holy Mass in the church reach Rome in a rented hall.

No Church of Rome for the Sacrifice of the Mass and a Small Episode

In the Holy Year, the SSPX had made ​​a pilgrimage to Rome with fellow religious and faithful. The pilgrimage drew “a solemn calm, and majestic dignity” in St. Peter’s Basilica, Paolo Pasqualucci, who was then among the faithful at St. Peter’s Square, as postconcilio Chiesa e reported. “Three young men of the uniformed police of the Vatican security service stood by. The latter were visibly upset at the sight of the procession of the SSPX, who moved toward St. Peter’s Basilica. Probably they had been forewarned, since these  very bad heretics and enemies of the Pope were coming. The policeman watched a passing priest earnestly.  Then he turned and said to the young men from the security service in Roman dialect, ‘This is the true Church and not that there’  and made ​​pointed with  his head in a movement toward the Vatican palaces. Twice he repeated it still,  while the priests, religious and faithful moved into St. Peter’s.”