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Today, 229 days until the beginning of the Synod of Bishops of 2015, we return to the Archbishop Hoser interview, to a point that he raised. The relevant passage is as follows: (see here) [emphasis added]

[Interviewers] It’s the media, not the family that shapes standards, a vision of the world, and forcing these trends.

ABHH All personal relationships are eroticized, and this is an extremely dangerous phenomenon. Sexualization of friendship destroyed the friendship between males and females. All are suspected of sexual contacts, including those of the past, for example, Maria Konopnicka and Maria Dulębianka (Ed. Notes: Polish literary figures). The masters of suspicion – Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, are collecting an abundant harvest. Genderism is transformed into queer. If one would read into the texts of various theorists of this trend, it would appear that the world is ruled by sexual satisfaction, and that man exists for an orgasm alone. And one of the most important authors of gender, Judith Butler, got an honorary doctorate at the University of Freiburg, a university which describes itself as Catholic! Genderism is not a struggle for equality between women and men: it is a fight with all constitutive social structures, referred to as stereotypes and primarily with the “traditional family.” It has created a society of independent individuals. Society both asexual and pan-sexual. (see here)

Two very important data points in the above paragraph, namely:

1. “Genderism” (Gender Ideology) is behind the promotion of the disintegration of the natural family.

2. German Catholic Church is at least tolerating the spread of this ideology. Some elements within the German Church are even promoting the spread of Genderism.

Meet Big Gender

Which brings me to the video that I have embedded at the beginning of this post.

The video is titled Hjernevask (Brainwash) and appeared as part of a popular science documentary series on Norwegian television in 2010. The video above is part 1 of the series.  The series was produced by Harald Eia, a Norwegian comic and Ole Martin Ihle, and comprises seven episodes consisting of interviews with Norwegian and foreign researchers who have different views on the nature versus nurture debate.

After this series aired in 2010, the University of Oslo terminated its Gender Studies program. However, the BIG GENDER lobby was/is so powerful, that the Gender Studies program could not be terminated outright. Therefore, it went through a series of restructurings, and was transformed into the Nordic Gender Institute.  (see here). In 2013, the Nordic Gender Institute was completely shut down. Here is the relevant passage: (see here).

A devastating blow for “Gender Theory”: the Nordic Council of Ministers (a regional inter-governmental co-operation consisting of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland) has decided to close down the NIKK Nordic Gender Institute. The NIKK had been the flagship of “Gender Theory”, providing the “scientific” basis for social and educational policies that, from the 1970s onward, had transformed the Nordic countries to become the most “gender sensitive” societies in the world.

The decision was made after the Norwegian State Television had broadcasted a television documentary in which the hopelessly unscientific character of the NIKK and its research was exposed.

Summa Summarum

In closing, it would appear that sanity prevailed in the Nordic countries in the sense that there is no “formal” institution for the promotion of gender theory. However, this does not mean that gender theory is not covertly being promoted in other departments of academia and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The sad, yet understandable issue is that the Catholic Church in Germany is not following the developments in the Nordic countries with respect to that area of the “settled” pseudo science that is global warming  gender theory. But then again, just because gender theory was exposed as a complete and utter sham in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, for the German hierarchy, it does not follow that gender theory will be exposed as a compete and utter sham in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland. Or at least this appears to be the position not only in the German hierarchy but of the regents of the “University of Freiburg, a university which describes itself as Catholic!”.

Besides, they are not Thomists!

But even though the German Catholic Church is not following the gender theory debate, this does not mean that the Polish Catholic Church is not following it. And from Archbishop Hoser’s interview, it would appear that Archbishop Hoser and his fellow bishops at the Polish Episcopate Conference are not only drawing the correct inferences with respect to the implications behind gender theory, but are also identifying the “channels of distribution” of the promoters of BIG GENDER, this most evil menace to not only the natural family, but to the natural moral law and the natural order governing God’s creation.

And it would appear, that the Synod of Bishops of 2015 will be just the next battleground where the forces of BIG GENDER led by Francis, the Synod Manipulators and the German hierarchy will square off against the forces of Catholicism led by the Poles.