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Check III

On the 4th of December 2014, the Deus Ex Machina blog published a post titled Prep Fire: Coordinating Fields of Fire (see here).

In the Conclusion section, we observed the following:

Next observation is this: when taking the statements of these two senior cardinals together with the news from that other senior cardinal, George Pell, where cd. Pell states that “100’s of millions of Euros” were found in non-disclosed and unknown to the auditors bank accounts, we begin to understand that the game has changed. The game has changed for the very simple reason that whatever leverage that the “axis of evil” of Lehmann/Kasper/Marx had at the Shameful Secret Synod of 2014 with the Kirchensteuer is no more. The Vatican is financially solvent so the Kirchensteuer becomes now a strictly German bishops ‘problem! Yes?

Today we get this (see here):

Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich has questioned the wisdom of Cardinal George Pell’s recent announcement that the Vatican has $1.5 billion in previously unreported financial assets.

and this:

However the German cardinal said that the presentation of specific figures was “not very helpful.” He said that the assets of the Vatican can only be measured meaningfully when they are balanced against financial obligations.

For those who have eyes can see that the facts that the Vatican is financially independent is very “disconcerting” to card. Reinhard “Bling” Marx.

One would think that the Cardinal of Bling would be ecstatic.


Another theory posited by the DEUS EX MACHINA blog proven to be a fact!