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Fr Tom and VII

He must be going for the cross?

Yesterday we learned that the crack public relations team that has been entrusted with executing the Francis strategy Lord’s pastoral call to “rejuvenate” the “spirit of Vatican II” and get all those lapsed tran-sexuals, pederast priests, aberro-sexuals, serial adulterers faithful back in into  the pews to meet, encountered a small hick-up. At the Ash Wednesday Angelus, only Sister Jeannine Gramick, Francis DeBernardo, approx 50 public sinners of the aberro-sexual variety  and some 9,000 other misguided souls showed up. (see here and here)

Today we learn from a news story, this time on the Eponymous Flower blog via Fox News that TeamFrancis has fled Rome for a “retreat”. (see here) Here is the story in full, since it is just too juicy to leave anything out.

The Eponymous Flower blog asks:

Pope Francis Going on Penitential Retreat?

VATICAN CITY — according to AP international, Pope Francis is fleeing the Vatican for a retreat along with trusted members of his household to work “correcting the many defects we all have.” We assume this means he’s going to deal with some of the public relations disasters accompanied by many of his problematic statements.

They insist that Francis addressed tens of thousands of Romans, tourists and pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square for his Angelus address that later he and top aides were starting a spiritual renewal retreat that Sunday. They will be gone until Friday morning spending time till the. To meditate, and listen to reflections in Ariccia, a Rome suburb. What about fasting?

He didn’t list the “defects.” But in the nearly two years since becoming pontiff, Francis has put Vatican prelates on guard against careerism, arrogance, hypocrisy, corruption and being too judgmental instead of merciful.

All one can say is that it must be dawning on the “smartest clerics in the room” that the Francis papacy Thugacy’s™ shelf life has expired.

I wonder though, if these “really, really smart guys” realize that the expiration date on the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” and the Theology of Hate Mercy ” done on the knees” was somewhere in mid-summer 1970?