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Marx, Engles, Lenin

Over the last week or so, this blog has been pursuing the theme of “reality” in its various “present day forms”. Being 202 days away from the start of the Stealth Sex Synod of 2015 (see here), we have undertaken this discussion to demonstrate that the narrative that TeamFrancis camp introduced into the public domain, i.e. the inevitability of the march of progress Bergoglian/Kasperian change of doctrine/practice through the “hate theology done on the knees”, might not be quite right. Without going into anecdotal evidence, what we have tried to do is illustrate the general mechanism through which Francis and his supporters, (see here) which we will term “TeamFrancis” and their media buddies (see here) are promoting this narrative.

Just to summarize, we started out by demonstrating how the mainstream media allows for “corrupted information” to seep into the public domain (see here), this corrupted information is then used to build “alternative realities” (see here). Then we turned our attention to the “c” atholic media and demonstrated how one HUGE media conglomerate subsidiary (owned by the NYT/Boston Glove) tries to “undermine” voices who question the TeamFrancis media created narrative. While pursuing the above subject matter, we stumbled upon a side issue, namely how HUGE is this HUGE media subsidiary with a couple of post that suggest that this HUGE media subsidiary of the NYT/BG is not as HUGE as it would appear. (see here and here)

From the general to the specific, we then went on to demonstrate that the “corrupt information” is in essence that which the Church as always defined as ERROR. (see here) We tried to demonstrate that the ERROR that is most prevalent in the FrancisChurch and actually since the “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II” is none other than the “god of surprises” known as NOVELTY. And we explained why NOVELTY is not a good idea upon which to build a NewChurch for the simple reason that any NOVELTY introduced into Church teaching has a short past-due date. Therefore, each NOVELTY introduced by the neo-modernitst needs to be followed by an even larger and more egregious NOVELTY since the effects of the previous NOVELTY, i.e.  “something unusual and entertaining that is popular for a short period of time” wear off quickly. And as we noted in this post, this general theory is known in economic circles as the law of diminishing marginal returns (utility).

Then we went onto a short post about St. Thomas Aquinas, (see here) which explained why Thomism, just like natural and physical sciences is timeless and universal. Any attempt to re-introduce “relevance” – or as the Germans would say “zeitgemäß”, which can mean “modern,” “suitable,” or even “appropriate,” and often carries all of these shades when applied to the Church. (quote from The Radical Catholic blog – see here) into Catholic teaching that does not encompass Thomism is domed to failure. The proof of this assumption was presented in the following post (see here)

And just to drive the point home, we presented a post titled “El Papa Loco” (see here) which demonstrated how, through the use of corrupted information (ERROR), an “alternative reality” can be developed within what should be considered a scientific field, in this case psychiatry or psychology. This ERROR then can be used to make a determination that a person, who thinks and acts rationally can be diagnosed with a “mental disorder”. This diagnosis can then be used in a court of law to deprive said “patient” of his or her constitutional rights. Having said the above, the post was written without “judging” whether the present bishop of Rome is sane or insane, and made no pronouncement. This lack of a pronouncement was intended to demonstrate a true and proper sense of Catholic charity on the part of this humble blogger.

Which brings us to today’s post. Today we go back from the specific out to the general. Below, I have produced an example of how “objective reality” appears in the darnedest of places.

Just to set up the below two images. The Daily Telegraph is a UK newspaper that is of an economically conservative editorial line. As to its editorial line on social issues, it is in the vanguard of promoting a hard core aberro-sexual agenda. Therefore, it is of interest to note how a poll conducted on its pages demonstrates the antithesis of its social editorial line and provides a peak into what its readership really think.

The issue pertains to the founders of Dolce & Gabanna clothing empire, and whether they have the right to state that a biologically correct family unit is the norm. (see here) They seem to think so, while Elton John seems to think not. Here is the question, and the poll results at 05:00 New York time.

If you dear want to vote in the poll, go here.

Here is the question:


And here are the poll results:

Elton D&G

Needless to say, this blogger voted for the second choice, i.e. “No, they are entitled to their opinion”.

Concluding, the above is just another example of how objective reality exists regardless of how much “blood and treasure” is exhausted to “suffocate it with the seamless garment”.

And if the promoters of the aberro-sexual lobby can’t even control a narrative in the general public domain, in an environment that they spent 50 years promoting this “life-style choice” onto an unsuspecting and gullible populace, what chance has TeamFrancis to change the Catholic teaching on aberro-sexuality, and make it permanent?

To not leave you dear reader hanging, the answer is: the same chance that the Soviet Union has for re-emerging and getting communism right this time around.

UPDATE Wednesday 02:48 18 March 2015

Here is a screen shot of the poll 24 hours later. Looks like the forces of Good increased their lead.

Elton D&G II

Not only did the forces of Good prevail, but it also appears that our lead character of this “virtual reality” example has dropped the boycott altogether one day after he launched it. I will not provide the link, but the main culprit has been spotted with a D&G handbag while shopping in Los Angeles.

Like they say in Noo Yawk: Go figure!

PS: A “slave to fashion” is the thought that comes to mind. Wonder if the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has a defined this as a mental disorder? STFD?