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How time flies is the old expression, and it and tides wait for no man. And speaking of time and tides, the Stealth Sex Synod is 201 days away from starting.

Today the Deus Ex Machina blog returns to Man Marking Marx, since we have identified this cleric as the “man of this season at the Vatican“. And since it has been 48 days since we published this post, it is worth our while to return to it just to refresh our memory of the historical context of what we see playing out in the Vatican and in the wider universal Church circles.

Please read at your leisure.

One for the BRICK BY BRICK File:

1) Restoration news from the Rorate Caeli blog see here.

2) Restoration news from Crisis Magazine via the UnaCum.pl website (Polish) see here. Excellent video at end of post, so don’t be scared off by the language!

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

running man I Yesterday, Father Z. took over Man Marking Marx for a day. And seeing as how I had a rather busy day, I appreciate Father Z. filling in. 😉 To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting the help, but good to know that he has my back. So today we pick up where we left off Man Marking Marx without skipping a beat. We continue to focus on just how powerful Cardinal Reinhard “Bling” Marx really is and attempt to explain the power base (SPECIAL INTEREST for those who have been following this narrative) that Marx represents. Here I would just like to mention that one of the selection criteria used in the Deus Ex Machina blog’s Peirce/Ockham pragmatic paradigm methodology is actually borrowed from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. When the FBI analyze criminal rackateers, the initial investigation begins with an analysis of the “money trail”. In our methodology…

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