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Today we are 199 days from the start of the Synod of Bishops. As a dear friend of this blog pointed out yesterday, the t-0 date is the Monday (5th October 2015) when all the fun starts.

In preperation of this main event, this blog has published and will continue to publish some helpful guides to help the discerning Catholic understand just want in fact is transpiring.

With the above in mind, over the last few weeks, we have been hearing about a certain “Spirit” who might be getting involved with some of the Synod participants, just like he could be getting involved with some lapsed catholics, between now and the end of the Synod. And as it just so happenes, a while back, I published a post regarding just this subject matter, i.e. how one can discern whether it is in fact the Holy Spirit that is moving the individual’s “internal waters”, or someone or something else. Could be a bout of indegestion for all we know. Or it could be some dark prince who we know all to well.

Therefore, with this in mind, I am re-blogging below the mentioned post for your information.

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Idiot's Guide

In the last post titled Francis’s Fascination with Pentecostalism Explained (see here) we observed a strange, by Catholic teaching, conjecture being made by the former Franciscan priest and “liberation theologian cum environmentalist theologian” Leonardo Boff. Needless to say, the a fore mentioned uttering’s of Mr. Boff and my commentary generated quite a bit of traffic in the Deus Ex Machina comment box. This commentary revolved around the subject of “discernment” as to what legitimately can be considered as “interventions” of the Holy Spirit as taught by the Catholic Church. In the below post, I lay out my thoughts on this subject matter.


Just to refresh our readers memories, Boff made the following statement:

Why do I say this? Because what he [ed: Messori] regrets is the “unpredictability” of the pastoral action of this Pope. Well, this is the characteristic of the Spirit, its unpredictability, as St. John says:…

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