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Below is a re-blog of a post that explains Francis’ fascination with Evangelical Pentacostalism. If you want to skip the logical fallacy section, it will cut your reading time.

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Neo-modernist cleric? The neo-modernist priesthood?

As I wrote in my previous post The Negative Theology of Francis (see here), reaction to the Messori article was swift and vicious. (see here) The Italian Aleteia blog among others, carried a story with several critical voices from the lunatic fringe of conciliar Rio de Janeiro Rome. (see here) The part that grabbed my attention was the criticism of Messori and the article he wrote, provided by Leonardo Boff. To get a feel for Boff, for the uninitiated reader, please see here and here. My observation of the Boff criticism of Messori is below.

Furthermore, the Boff criticism is a perfect example of the what occurred when the Catholic Church deposed Thomism as its underlying philosophy of Catholic formation in favor of neo-modernism during the Second Vatican Council. The John Lamont essay at Rorate Caeli provides the detail. I highly recommend a…

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