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This post is a partial response to the some of the gloom and doom that I sense creeping into the Catholic psyche of late.

There was a post on one blog (that has subsequently been removed) that suggested that “the neo-modernists” feel that they have captured the levers of power to the point that they can finalize the Bologna School agenda of declaring that Vatican II was a break with the past.

From where this blogger sits, I would take issue with this opinion. The picture looks like one of neo-modernist desperation more than anything else. The neo-modernists are in a race against time since their institutions are collapsing on top of their heads. The second problem that they have is that the younger generation of priests are returning to Catholicism and ditching the “religion of man”. If the neo-modernists can’t reverse this tide, i.e by closing Catholic seminaries, free no-fault divorces, communion to serial adulterers, aberro-sexual unions, dangling the elusive “catholic/protestant/orthodox union” and any other “bones” that the bishop of Rome can think of throwing at the “lapsed dogs” in a desperate attempt to lure them back to the neo-modernist kennel, they will soon be “dead meat”.

And from all empirical evidence that has appeared since the ascent of Francis, the trend against them is accelerating.

So “chin up ole boy” as the Brits would say and keep the full court press on! Remember, every dog has his day, to finish the metaphor properly

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Monday brings good news.

New Catholic (Rorate Caeli) provides more insight into the Eponymous Flower post pertaining to the dying N.O. church in France (that DeM has wrote about here) and the success that the Catholic restoration forces are having not only in French church circles, but also at the wider social level.

New Catholic, in his post focuses on church “geopolitics” of the “Rhineland Alliance” (Germany, Benelux and France) which subverted the II Vatican Council transforming the Catholic Church into the present “church of man”. This transformation is bearing unintended consequences for the Western European churchs, the most notable of which is the “near” total destruction of the church in France.

In the blog post, New Catholic writes:

The comparison between Catholicism in France and Germany is one we have been considering for some time. The three lands that “made” the Second Vatican Council (the Rhine lands)…

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