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It’s been a rough week for your friendly neighboorhood blogger. Without going into detail, one of the little Armaticii ended up in the hospital. Nothing serious, but any prayers that would come his way would be much appreciated.

Therefore, this humble blogger is forced to publish re-blogged posts. I have tried to maintain a coherant threat through this period. Today we continue with a re-posting about how to “survive a calamatous pope”.

I would also highly recommend visiting Louie Verrecchio’s Harvesting the Fruits blog. He has been exploring a similar thread to this.

The Deus Ex Machina Blog

Over at Rorate Caeli, New Catholic writes as follows (link here):

Now, no Catholic wants to live through a calamitous pontificate, but it can happen at any age . We can hope we will not have to live through one in our lifetime, but just in case it happens (this is merely a hypothetical possibility, naturally), it is good to read the wise advice coming from another Spaniard.

Now as New Cathlolic writes, we are speaking hypothetically that the See of St. Peter is occupied by a “calamitous pope”, not that there is anything wrong with a “calamitous pope” mind you, and hell could be populated by Hitler and mafia bosses, with a special place reserved for “Dubya”. But just in case the former is true, and the later false, New Catholic provides an article written by one Dr. Francisco Jose Solar Gil, a very clear thinking Spaniard who…

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