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From the Rorate Caeli Blog (see here)

Benedict Francis side by sideAnd here is a better close-up from Antonio Socci’s Facebook page:

Benedict Francis side by side IIAnd this one from 2009:

Benedict Francis side by side IIIUPDATE: 06:40 Tuesday 7 April 2015



Today‘s BRICK BY BRICK File TLM sighting comes from the Church’s eastern frontier by way of the Polish website of the New Liturgical Movement. Here is the first transted post:

Easter Monday in the parish P.W. St. Stanislaus “on the estate” was a remarkable event. After decades of absence from Andrychów, the Mass was celebrated again in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, which functioned well in the church until 1969. For the Eucharist at 19.30, several hundred people gathered, so that they can experience in depth the celebration according to the old Christian maxim “Lex orandi, lex credendi “- how you pray affects how you believe and, consequently, also how you live. Certain truths can not be expressed only in words but can be expressed only as a symbol, gesture, image. Liturgy should put Christ at the center, not the man (the priest) and communicate using gestures observed through the millennium that speak to the immutable truths which otherwise can not be communicated.

Solemn Eucharist for the intentions of all priests was offered by the priest of the Andrychów Deanery, Dr. Gregory Klaja – moderator for groups of the faithful associated with the Latin tradition of the church in the diocese of Bielsko-Zywiec. The vastness of experience in Andrychów was made possible thanks to the efforts of the canon Father John Figura – of the parish “on the estate.” We should go back to the tradition! May the liturgies of his type appear in Andrychów permanently so as to celebrate important holidays.

Original post with photos here.

Andrychow is about 3 miles from Wadowice, i.e. a strike deep into the heartland of JPII country!