Reading through Fr. Z’s blog, (see here) I ran across a post about a letter written by a seminarian asking for advice. Furthermore, there were a few letters in the comment box written by other seminarians with advice for the letter writter.

Reading this post and comments, the thought that crossed my mind was one about the commonly held notion…. bah, belief that it is the Holy Spirit that protects and guides the Bride of Christ, the Institution against which the “gates of hell shall not prevail”.

Which reminded me of a post that I published on the 15th of February of this year. This post I am re-blogging below.

Please read through the material and see if you can identify the eternal struggle between Good and evil and identify the opposing forces?

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Over this weekend, I have been a bit busy. If you haven’t noticed, I changed the theme to one which I hope will be easier to read and easier on you eyes.

So today a short post, but very poignant about the significance of the next 233 days leading up to the Synod of Bishops in particular and about the Francis papacy in general. We start with a quote from the MondayVatican blog from the 12 of January 2015. In the blog post we read this: (see here) [emphasis added]

On the other side of the ocean, beyond the surprise of a Cardinal hailing from Paranà, Pope Francis will create the Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay), Daniel Fernando Sturla, a Cardinal. He comes from the most atheistic country in South America, and he probably thinks that the antidote to the hemorrhage of the faithful is for the Church to move…

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