Ran across this post on the Fr. Z blog. He asked his readers to support this new effort from the SF Bay area. Reading the initial post, I think this one is a winner. So please visit and make it a regular stop on your daily reading list.

Lions and Altar Boys and Conservative Parishes – Oh My!

One Mad Mom

I would just like to address a story that was first run by the National Catholic Reporter (or, as it’s known in my world, the National Catholic Fishwrap).  It was a story about a “Council of Priests” meeting of the San Francisco Archdiocese where Fr. Joseph Illo got skewered by some of his fellow priests.  Skewering Fr. Illo and Fr. Driscoll seems to really be a hobby for some, so it was hardly shocking that it happened.  The thing that was so shocking was that a priest at the meeting apparently taped it (the quotes were a little too accurate for anything else) and then gave it to Sam Singer or the National Catholic Reporter, or both.  Singer and his other minions then took it and ran with it. The sad thing is that it really, really just made them look pathetic – a big miscalculation on the part of the…

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