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Seeing as how Jeffrey Sachs has been parachuted into the Vatican and is engaged in helping out with Francis’ Global Warming Political Platform, I am re-blogging one of my favorite posts, one which I wrote at the beginning of this year.

As for Mr. Sachs, he makes an appearance at about the 2:20 minute mark of the video. The subject matter is Greece. And for those who have been following the story of Greece (see here), this is the latest: see here.

But just in case you do not want to dive into detail, the skinny is that Greece is still not fixed.

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As the year Anno Domini 2015 is upon us, it is customary for individuals who are entrusted with “managing” other individuals “property” to write to those individuals and explain how they have performed over the past year. These missives can take the form of a “letter to investors” as in the case of investment firms who manage financial assets in their care. These missives could also take the form of a “letter to friends and benefactors” as is the case of the local ordinaries of the Catholic Church who manage the eternal well being of the souls entrusted to them.

I have come across this most interesting post at the website Zero Hedge. Its subject matter has a striking similarity with what the average Catholic has experienced over the course of the 50 year “new springtime of the spirit of Vatican II”. Furthermore, the subject matter of this Zero Hedge…

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